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MBog 09-03-21 15:23

they didnt say *early*, just 2021

Chamayoo 13-03-21 00:34

Ok y'all have read the in-game mail ? All account and progressions will be reset in the next update... :yik:
They said next time it will be easier to progress as a compensation. Well, let's see if I have the faith again. :specialsnowflake:

Mikky 13-03-21 00:39

I just read the in-game announcement that players' progress will be reset with the next update due to technical issues and "unforseen circumstances". This is absolutely unacceptable and I am so disgusted. The amount of hours I put into this game in this last month building gear and leveling up... Grinding that any normal player shouldn't ever have to put up with. No. I won't be touching this game again for a very long time, even on full release. Goodbye and kindly **** off

UroshUchiha 13-03-21 02:26

Yeah I saw this announcement on their official Discord server.
Already stated my disappointment there cause I've been grinding in this game for a long time now, not missing a single login chest only to have all my items, gold, gems and upgrades deleted?

It also makes no sense to me, like our progress is still there, it did not magically get deleted and lost. It's still there so if they really wanted to keep them, they'd find a way.

Too much time I've spent on it and no amount of "boosts" offered are gonna make me come back. I want my stuff intact or I'm out.

Alas, I wish them the best of luck with the game, but I am not going to go back into it after the account progress wipe happens.

jackali 13-03-21 07:38

To be fair, we aren't supposed to have been playing at all... :whi:

But I can completely understand the frustration.

Joey79100 13-03-21 07:58


Originally Posted by jackali (Post 8285269)
To be fair, we aren't supposed to have been playing at all... :whi:

This. It's not a fully released game, it's early access, so things are expected to be unfinished and subject to change, and you accept this may happen when you try a product in early access. So no, nothing unnaceptable. :p

Chamayoo 13-03-21 08:23

Yeah, I was frustrated and disappointed by this news but I wasn't angry about them as I know we're not supposed to play this and also it's early access.

Mikky 13-03-21 09:14

It was never made clear so I always knew there was a possibility I wouldn't be able to carry over my progress to the full release but I hoped, and as they stated in the message, this wipeout was never planned which implies progress was always meant to be carried over. I do understand it's early access and technical difficulties happen, but come on, why did it have to be this? I don't blame the developers but it is beyond frustrating. I don't really care that "we're not supposed to be playing this game" either - as if that somehow justifies it. I downloaded this free-to-play game just like other person in Thailand or Philippines and I have a player ID just like them. I certainly put hours and faith into this game that not many other players did, that's for sure. And now it means jack.

I'm with UroshUchiha, I don't understand why we at the very least can't keep our weapons and levels. I could understand losing our chapter progress and coins/gems, but they could give us back our gear. This "compensation" they speak of will probably be a few coins and gems that we will be able to do very little with.

It's a real shame it had to turn out this way but I suppose that's that. I'll keep an eye out on the game and its updates but I won't be playing for a long time.

UroshUchiha 13-03-21 11:04

@Mikky my Lara is level 36. That's a lot of hours spent on this. Thankfully I played it while I was walking my dog so I literally had nothing better to do so I guess I can't be too mad that I "wasted" my time on the game cause it was helping me pass the time.

But yeah, again, our data is still there, it's not lost. It just probably means that someone over there has to manually restore stuff and that's too much work for anyone and I don't wish that upon anyone to do. "When there's a will there's a way" saying comes to mind, manual or not, but yeah, that's a lot of work for someone to go through to satisfy EA testers.

At least I learned a valuable lesson, I am not gonna play nor support any EA game in the future. Yes, I knew the risk was there, but it still doesn't make it any less disappointing.

I'll apply for the "compensation" to get something back and keep it until after full release, at least something.

Worst case scenario, use the Android emulator on PC, find a modded apk later down the line if someone makes one and speedrun through the game just to see the content.

Joey79100 13-03-21 16:51

I mean, when a game is early access, it automatically implies that anything could happen, even if not stated explicitly. It means it's not in a finished state, so nobody should put hours and hours in it like if it was a finished product.
See it more like a testing phase, where everything could change: you're the tester, and you're more expected to give feedback and report issues rather than to play seriously for your own enjoyment, so you can help making the finished product good.
It seems like they're going through a drastic technical change that makes it too complicated to port player's progress to the new version. It would require additional development time, and considering it's a free product with a low budget, they probably just can't afford doing that, especially considering there are only a handful of players (it would be a huge effort for little benefit, or even losses).

Of course I'm not denying the frustration and I totally understand, but what I mean is it you can't be angry at the developers for that. It had to be expected from the start when you accepted playing a game in early access state, so yes it does justify it. And the same should be expected for every product you try in early access, generally speaking. If you don't want this risk, you should only wait for finished products to come out.

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