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jackali 06-05-21 18:57


Originally Posted by Mikky (Post 8296619)
When you say "working", do you mean to update the game? It stopped appearing on the Aurora store for me even when I was using a VPN, but then I realized the store has a tab to view existing installed apps on your device and you can view the game page that way, with the option to update the game if needed. Hopefully that helps

I've never been able to get the game through either option, and have had to install it manually. Can't seem to find any updates via Aurora no matter which region I seem to be in. Can find it through my installed apps, but no updates. Definitely not the latest version.

TRF 10-05-21 15:54

What is the latest version as of today?

Is that the released version on march 25th: 0.7.5

Mikky 10-05-21 18:57


Originally Posted by TRF (Post 8297297)
What is the latest version as of today?

Is that the released version on march 25th: 0.7.5


jackali 10-05-21 21:44

Hope to get it someday somehow.

Edit: Managed to update the game.

Finding that the daily dash doesn't update properly now, so while it was next to impossible to achieve before, it's now actually impossible as I do the action required without it registering.

Mikky 11-05-21 12:39

Found a piece of concept art that's kind of hidden away
Click for full size

Only appears in the Daily Dash screen when you're offline. Makes me think about whether there will be a story on the full release. Anyway, just thought it was nice.

charmedangelin 11-05-21 22:49

I can't get back into reloaded, I've tried, but I always get bored and end up walking away from it.

Mobile games like this just don't hold my attention for very long. Lara Croft Go though, was an exception of course. :p

andre_costa 12-05-21 17:22

Is it true that this game is getting release this week on ios? Or at least soft launched?

Mikky 12-05-21 17:26

According to the devs on Discord, yes - in Thailand. But I do wonder how easy it will be for others to play it. Do VPNs work on iOS? I've never had an Apple device so I wouldn't know

JuditePrince12 13-05-21 00:04

The love classic theme in Reloaded. This should be present in all TR games from here on out.

Brendanlovesu1 18-05-21 12:48

Ed has posted pics from a studio, Lara will be having a VO

She's such a dream to work with, honestly - though it was impossible to get a decent photo in a tiny sound booth. Hope you'll all enjoy her vocal stylings as #LaraCroft in #TombRaiderReloaded! -

Lara comes to life in her library -

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