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Jorje Croft 02-04-18 21:03


Originally Posted by HarleyCroft (Post 7848985)
Awesome! :tmb:
With this amount of love and care, the Lost Dominion will be the masterpiece AoD should have been :)

only thing I wonder is how game actually looks, as its done in LEVEL EDITOR. does it look as TR4-5 (as other fan projects) or close to AOD? so sad TRAOD level editor is not available. I remember someone said long ago that its updated LEVEL EDITOR :confused:

Caesum 03-04-18 06:33

For the time being meta2tr is prohibited as it takes just too much time to create levels with this method + a lot of level designers don't know how to use it (including me). TombEditor supports adding custom geometry as well as editing level mesh, so it is possible that once we get to the point where all levels are playable we might edit more important locations. But even then graphics would be more TRAE like rather than TRAOD since we still have to respect the grid.

AOD Level Editor is nothing like Room Editor. In Room Editor you create levels from scratch and then build all geometry and texture it. In AOD all level meshes were created and textured in Maya. TRAOD editor was used only to script gameplay.

Project Eden on the other hand uses an editor very similar to Room Editor. It is even called Room Editor 2.

Jorje Croft 03-04-18 19:06

Thank you Caesum, patiently waiting to any news. :hug:

charmedangelin 03-04-18 23:04

Oh, cool.

It's good to here that this is still going to be a thing.

Cezar 13-05-19 04:51

If the project is not canceled, why the website is closed? http://www.thelostdominion.com/

NoahCrofRaider 13-05-19 05:07


Originally Posted by Cezar (Post 8088112)
If the project is not canceled, why the website is closed? http://www.thelostdominion.com/

One of the people working on it announced a while back that it was indeed canceled.

Woops 13-05-19 06:16

It's probably more dead than carvier at this point

Ruu11 13-05-19 07:20

^ Lmfaooooo

Now for real can someone be 100% clear already about the status of this project? There's a guy on Instagram named "daledrau" who uploaded some really cool renders about something called "The Dark Renaissence" which I guess is basically what "The Lost Dominion" endend turning into...

Woops 13-05-19 09:27

I'm fairly sure they're completely separate projects actually :ponder:
It just feels a bit different idk
Thise daledrau renders are BOMB tho :tmb:

NoahCrofRaider 13-05-19 16:23


Itís sadly canceled. Dark Renaissance is a different thing, I believe.

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