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klona 01-04-22 18:47

New website for custom levels

It's finally here... a new website for hosting custom levels!

What is our goal?
An attempt at modernizing custom level hosting. You can register and upload your own levels, as well as submit your own reviews using a new review system. Since it will be run by multiple people, your requests should be fulfilled in a timely manner (hopefully).

What makes this website different from other custom level hosts?
On top of what was mentioned:
◦ Claim your trle.net profile by registering with the same username
◦ You can update your level at any time
◦ A brand new review system with questionnaire-based score generation and more emphasis on text content of the review
◦ User-generated tags that can be used for level searching, and each level can have up to 10!
When was the website developed?
It took most of 2021 to conceptualize and test our ideas, and around 5 months to develop the tangible flesh you see at the time this post was written.

Why do you see TRLE.net profiles there?
With permission from trle.net's admin, we were allowed to reuse that data here. We are extremely thankful for his contributions to allow this website to become reality. It is in no competition with trle.net but exists alongside it. We are extremely grateful that he has been hosting our community for more than 20 years and we understand that it's not an easy task to keep up with the demands of the modernised community.

If you have any questions, post in this thread. For inquires, please contact admin@trcustoms.org.

For our little community...

Caesum 01-04-22 18:54

Omg this is so exciting. :jmp: Already registered my account there!

Raider99 01-04-22 19:09

Super exciting! :D A lot of effort was put into this, congratulations. :hug:
I love the aesthetics and hopefully people will enjoy the new reviewing system.

Kubsy 01-04-22 19:22

This is really exciting :jmp::jmp:

Wolf 7 01-04-22 20:17


psiko 01-04-22 20:18

congratulations for your new start, and thanks from all of us! :D

Danath 01-04-22 21:28

Thank you very much for making this a reality. :)

Mahetus 01-04-22 22:20

Thank you for all effort that was put into it! Congratulations!:D:jmp:

not again! 01-04-22 23:53

Thank you to everyone involved! This is amazing news. :D

Alisa97 02-04-22 00:17

Awesome! It's a very clear website.
Thank you very much and congratulations to wonderful site!:D
And thank you for Michael.:hug:

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