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tlr online 02-04-22 01:55

Good luck with your project klona. :tmb:

Thank you to Michael and trle.net for being next-level awesome all these years.

LaraCablara 02-04-22 02:13

Awesome :) I made an account! Its really nice you can update the level yourself. I always felt bad bothering Michael to correct something minor Id find years later when replaying my own levels.

justin 02-04-22 03:54

Fabtastic! I gotta check this out :jmp:

Tombraider95 02-04-22 06:14

It's soooo good. Love the lettuce theme just for old times sake. It feels good to be able to edit the level pages myself. :titaklikestocreate: great job all!

Opaque79 02-04-22 06:57

This website looks great. Registered myself although the confirmation email was sent to spam for some reason.

CheshireBitch 02-04-22 06:59

It's awesome to have a new TRLE website in 2022 ! So happy the community is still very much alive 22 years later :jmp:

FairFriend 02-04-22 09:46

Looks awesome! As a heads up, my registration email went straight into the spam folder of Outlook, don't know what you can do about it.

Also, is it ok to make suggestions here in regards to UI and usability? Would those be welcome?


Teone 02-04-22 10:53

Very interesting! Thank you! :)

But what happen if someone illegally claims a trle.net account?
Is there a way to check if he is really him?

EDIT: I'm registered! :tmb:

BlackWolftr 02-04-22 12:28

I love this new site, it's great! Big thanks and congratulations :D

Kapu 02-04-22 14:42

Congrats on the launch.

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