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jeffrey van oort 02-11-08 19:36

Natla Screenshot, Spoiler.

She has a ponytail now?? It is a pity her long hair is gone :(

TombRaiderLover 02-11-08 19:37

I suggest you delete the pic before tlr murders you. ;)

*saves pic* Thanks, though. :p

fanoflaracroft 02-11-08 19:37

Natla looks great for her age!

.:Tirivol:. 02-11-08 19:37


gtkilla 02-11-08 19:39


Originally Posted by TombRaiderLover (Post 3179286)
I suggest you delete the pic before tlr murders you. ;)

Lmao yeah, he should be here any minute to delete this. :(

Bladerj 02-11-08 19:39

dude delete or you are getting the axe.

jeffrey van oort 02-11-08 19:40

You can see it is a spoiler in the title. Why would he delete this? I wouldn't understand that.

ZIP!2009 02-11-08 19:40

Banned image>>>natla is under embargo!!!!

gtkilla 02-11-08 19:40

Argh...when are they gonna officially reveal her? I wanna see her face! :mad:

fanoflaracroft 02-11-08 19:40

DUde leave it! It's not going to be a problem.

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