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Sardoc 04-08-20 01:17

tr3gold.exe crash on Win 10 (on main menu load)
EDIT, got a solution to my problem. Posting this above the original post.

What helped was editing the config.txt file and disabling MMX (setting it to 0).

Now, back to the original opening post.


I wonder if anyone else has this problem. tr3gold.exe launches fine, the title is displayed, the intro video plays fine, but as soon as the menu loads, the game crashes.

I've got no idea what causes it (... well, apart from Win 10 being garbage), especially since TR3 works just fine. Everything worked fine on an older PC with Win 7.

Any ideas?

I've tested this with and without compatibility layer, with/without dgVoodoo, and with/without the "Use AGP mem" option in the settings.

charmedangelin 04-08-20 06:44

Works fine on my PC running windows 10. You ran the setup and made sure everything is correct there?

Also rightclick on the exe and make sure overide screen optimization is unchecked or checked I think.

Also what resolution are you running it at? I've had this problem before with other classic games and most of the time it came down to resolution issue.

Sardoc 04-08-20 08:39

As far as I know, I'm not doing anything different to what the old PC (Win 7) did. Everything is unticked on the "Compatibility" tab, will try fiddling with it a bit more after work.

I did indeed go through the installer. I suspect it's some core difference between W7 and W10, or maybe some component, a driver, something like that. I just haven't found out what it is yet.

I also have TR2 running, but not playing any music. I use an audio solution from someone on TR Forums (Link), been using it for years and never had issues with it, but it looks like on W10 the library just doesn't load. And the funniest thing is, the exact same solution works fine in TR2 Gold. Again, none of these issues were present on Win 7.

ATombRaiderFan 04-08-20 09:26

Have you tried Arsunt's exe file? It works for Lost Artifact on Windows 10 for me.


Originally Posted by Arsunt (Post 7733224)
As I promised, here are patched EXE files with the automatic FOV fix and the new FMV player for TR3 and The Lost Artifact. Also it includes sunglasses bugfix.

This version of the game supports a great many video formats, thanks to the built-in ffmpeg codecs, including support for RPL and MP4. You do not need to install any codec, driver or wrapper packages. This is the implementation of fully native support for any FMV, including HQ. The volume level of the videos is set in accordance with the volume of in-game music.

I've disabled old videoplayer files, so you can delete them if you want: dec130.dll, edec.dll, winplay.dll, winsdec.dll, winstr.dll. Instead, I created a single video player file ffplay.dll. It is based on ffmpeg player source code, but also includes a simple and reliable game interaction interface. SDL 1.2 required, so I include SDL.dll too.

Do not combine this patch with other Widescreen patches and Peixoto's patch. They will break the correct work of the game.

P.S. These are just a few small nice patches from the already implemented arsenal of features and bugfixes. I hope you enjoy them.

UPD. I've updated the patch. Old links deleted.

Sardoc 04-08-20 19:25


Thanks for the link! Unfortunately there's no difference in TR3Gold, still crashes as soon as the main menu shows up.

charmedangelin 04-08-20 20:07

^This indicates that something is wrong with the installation of Tomb Raider 3 Gold. Any way you can reinstall it?

puristic jink 04-08-20 21:53


Originally Posted by Sardoc (Post 8226412)

Thanks for the link! Unfortunately there's no difference in TR3Gold, still crashes as soon as the main menu shows up.

You might need a new PC.

ANoDE 05-08-20 05:48

I've heard that audio hardware acceleration can cause older games to crash.


It's a long shot, but I've heard it can work.

ATombRaiderFan 05-08-20 09:38

Hey Sardoc, I found a thread with someone who had the same problem i.e. crashing at menu. Maybe take a look at this solution below.


Originally Posted by laracroftswest (Post 8184428)
Might not be appropriate to bump this relatively "old" thread, but I found my old copy of TLA and ran into the same issue. Really odd there's no definitive fix to this when all other classics/expansions seem to work perfectly.

Edit: For those interested, it appears by creating a new config.txt file in the installation folder for the game allows it to work. I found this courtesy of laravision in the technical support section. If anyone is still seeing this problem, just paste this in the .txt file:


DD 0
D3D 1
DS 0
VM 18
SFX 10
GAMMA 10.000000
DEFKEY 200 208 203 205 52 53 54 184 157 57 51 82 207 1
USERKEY 72 80 75 77 83 79 54 184 157 57 76 82 207 1

Hope this helps others running into issues with this hidden gem of a game :)

Final Count 05-08-20 16:18

Something that happens in my game, after installing Peixoto's patch to get rid of blurry textures and that vertical line on the title screen, is that when I open Lara's inventory in-game, the background is transparent. And if I exit the game to the title screen, the title screen icons do pop up, as well as the main theme, but the background is still the moment in the game I exited it.

Like, if I exited the game while Lara was hanging in mid-air, I'm at the main menu of the game, but instead of the Lost Artefact title screen in the background, it's the in-game moment from when I exited the game.

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