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Lara Croft! 06-01-11 15:05

Hyper Crazy, seems like you have lost a lot of weight.

drakl0r Looking good!

Vickkyyy Nice eyes!


Originally Posted by CerebralAssassin (Post 5133763)
nice!!:cln:cute smile Lora!:D


Originally Posted by Melonie Tomb Raider (Post 5133812)
OMG Lora!!! :eek: Loving the new hair girl, you look soooo sexy! :cln: :cln:


Originally Posted by TheRCroft (Post 5133836)

You are gorgeous, Lora, the new haircut is great :D


Originally Posted by Underworld2008 (Post 5133842)
You and Panos look so cute xD and your new hair is looking great :D

Thank you all! :hug:

MyRaider4Life 06-01-11 15:10

@Vickkyyy wow. WOW. You are bloody beautiful!

*richietrent* 06-01-11 15:21


Originally Posted by MattTR (Post 5130670)
Here's me last week when I got my haircut for the new year! :D


OMG! Matt, you look stunning! :cln:

ryan91 06-01-11 18:48


Originally Posted by Lara Croft! (Post 5133674)

love the yellow eyeliners:o

Lara Croft! 06-01-11 19:11

It's actually a yellow eye shadow and black eye liner. It's my favorite!

Vickkyyy 06-01-11 19:17


Originally Posted by MyRaider4Life (Post 5136451)
@Vickkyyy wow. WOW. You are bloody beautiful!

oh my, thank you so much! :hug:

astreqwerty 06-01-11 19:20


Originally Posted by Vickkyyy (Post 5136904)
oh my, thank you so much! :hug:

omg the eyes are beautiful.....gotta say we have some gorgeous girls in these forums

Rivendell 06-01-11 22:00

Just had a browse - good to see some familiar faces. :) Great to see yourself and Panos, Lora!

This is one of the most recent of me, I'm still around!


Melonie Tomb Raider 06-01-11 22:21

I LOVE your hair! You look just as handsome as ever. :D

leoarcie 06-01-11 23:02

I am in the left.

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