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xXhayleyroxXx 06-06-10 19:01


Legend 4ever 06-06-10 19:21


Originally Posted by Carbonek_0051 (Post 4654356)
I think he was thanking people for commenting on the last pictures he posted. :)

I guess that's just not how I do it lol

Marianna12 06-06-10 19:27

Gorgeous as always Anaaaaaa :gki:

Johnnay 06-06-10 19:33

Ana. Your so Beautiful there:) very Gorgeous indeed:D
and what is a cellulite anyway. Lol:)

BlackRainbow 06-06-10 19:48

OMG, Anaaaaa! *rapeface* <333

Y'all looking so beautiful and happy!! :D What movie did you see? :gki:

Melonie Tomb Raider 06-06-10 20:14


Originally Posted by Your_Envy* (Post 4655118)
Oh you all look so amazing! :hug:

I went to the cinema with my friends yesterday. :cln:
Ignore my cellulite, kthxbai! :D
I am the one in blue. Meow. :3

If you call that cellulite, then I want some! :cln:

You are so breathtakingly gorgeous! Your long, curvy legs are to DIE for! :hug: Loving the brown hair, too. You are so beautiful. :)

Ligufaca 06-06-10 20:33

You all looks very good ! :hug:


Los Angeles 06-06-10 20:51

^ Lookin' handsome. :tmb:

Ligufaca 06-06-10 20:56


Originally Posted by Los Angeles (Post 4655411)
^ Lookin' handsome. :tmb:

Thnaks very much !! :)

iraidt 06-06-10 21:09


Originally Posted by tonyme (Post 4654399)

most handsome guy on this forum:hug:

Tony ur so gorgeous and ur smile is so pretty:hug:
(EDIT: sorry for the double post)

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