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CiaKonwerski 22-06-10 17:22

Everyone is still looking fantastic as ever. Great picture Quasi and dizzydoil. :D

LaraLuvrrr 22-06-10 17:24

^ cute! :)

tonyme 22-06-10 17:27

Heather Great to finally see you, you look great!

Looking good dizzydoil


Originally Posted by Legend 4ever (Post 4694472)
Gosh, I love your eyebrows and your smile.:)

Thank you so much!:)

maniakatosheto 22-06-10 19:02
zomg im hunry :D i haz new haircut :yah:

ryan91 22-06-10 21:22

dizzydoil where did you buy that shirt, i have to get one now:cln:

LaraLuvrrr 22-06-10 21:57


Originally Posted by maniakatosheto (Post 4695171)
zomg im hunry :D i haz new haircut :yah:

You look like a zombie lol

Carbonek_0051 22-06-10 22:00


Originally Posted by Quasimodo (Post 4694803)

Heather! You're so adorable. :D

Quasimodo 22-06-10 22:01

Y'all are too kind :hug:

xXhayleyroxXx 22-06-10 22:11


Lee croft 22-06-10 22:23

Everyone looks great

heres me


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