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corey01 13-01-10 10:51


Originally Posted by ShadyCroft (Post 4289573)
Corey: You're very pretty ! :D love your hair..

Thankssss :hug:

Originally Posted by TRenTIs (Post 4289001)

Cute photos. Great clothes. :hug:


Originally Posted by Psychos'Я'Us (Post 4288214)
Uh, looking good Cor-Hoe =] Mucho love <3

:D <3

Originally Posted by Melonie Tomb Raider (Post 4288344)
You are so dang cute!


Spanx :D you're looking stunning as usual :)

@Egyptian Gypsy: Thanks haha:) I Just straighten it, then use gel on it, then hairspray :) Its all in the handsss haha.

RachelO394 13-01-10 12:47

Me again ..

lara c. fan 13-01-10 12:49

Looking good! :tmb:

nightwishgirl84 13-01-10 13:23

Pretty! :D

Ikas90 13-01-10 13:28

You are pretty Rachel :D

Explorer 13-01-10 13:39

That's a really sweet one :tmb:

RachelO394 13-01-10 14:17

Thanx Guys XO

lara c. fan 13-01-10 14:22

L-l-l-l-l-l-l-lens flare!

Tomb-Dude 13-01-10 14:26


Originally Posted by sikasika18 (Post 4290751)
oh my god!! :cln: thats some eyecandy I say RAAAAWWWRR

:o lol thanks


Originally Posted by CiaKonwerski (Post 4290782)
Very cute. ;)

Thanks you


Originally Posted by egypt_gypsie (Post 4291131)
Me. :) ignore the over-saturation lol


Very pretty :D


Originally Posted by RachelO394 (Post 4291826)
Me again ..

Wow - Very beautiful :)

TRULuverzz 13-01-10 18:07


Originally Posted by RachelO394 (Post 4291826)
Me again ..



Originally Posted by egypt_gypsie (Post 4291131)
Melonie: You look amazing in every picture you post! How on earth do you do it?!? lol

Sakkemix: I love the red hair!! That is the color I might get in my hair for highlights :D

Tonyme: You both look great :)

Lee croft: Very cute photos :) The third one is lolz

LaraLuvrrr: Hottttttt!

Corey01: OMG Your hair is epic win!! What kind of product do you use if you don't mind me asking :p

Lavinder: Very cute :)

Hanny: I definately say that you have the best hair in the forum.

RachelO394: You look awesome in both pictures :D


Me. :) ignore the over-saturation lol


love the edits there, and you look beautiful!

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