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Heckler 01-08-21 23:24

Some of my sculpts and models
Hey guys,

So I decided to create a thread for some of my 3D work with an occasional painting here and there. TR inspired me to go into 3D and game development as a child so I often do some fan art and other TR related things like game development and modeling for TRLE in my free time.

Here are some progress shots of a sculpt I'm busy with. Need a couple of new modern workflow game-ready characters from set designs and references for my portfolio so I figured I'd do a simple stylized version of a Lara Croft beta model that never made it to the final game in 2003. Oddly enough I feel this design would have been better than what they ended up going for. All that's left is some polishing and detail on hair, soles, gloves and backpack to finish up phase 1 then it's time for retopology, texturing and rigging before adding it to my movement and traversal system in Unity and Unreal Engine. 😊



Progress shots:

And of course the reference screen


I also did a very low poly take on this outfit for TRLE a while back


On the topic of TRLE. I've also been messing around with an idea for another outfit. Also very low poly and it's freehand with no reference so the proportions are way off but she's going to have an Angelina Jolie meets reboot in the original vertex limit look. :)


Greenapple968 02-08-21 01:27

Wow, I like them. :tmb:

Cat Woman 02-08-21 15:30

Yes, very nice. Thanks for the posts.

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