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Tonyrobinson 02-11-12 17:30

The General Tomb Raider Movie discussion thread
I thought I should open this thread to discuss the movie franchise as a whole not just focusing on the upcoming reboot or actress to fill Lara's boots but also to take time to discuss the original series of films too.


Made by Paramount. The film starred Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft and focused on her quest for an object known as the Triangle of Light and unlock the mystery surrounding her fathers death.


The second installment in the Paramount franchise of Tomb Raider films also starring Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft. The story centred around an artefact called Pandora's Box and an ornate orb. The film seen Lara globe trot to exotic locations to find it.


Made by GK Films. This film is a reboot of the franchise and will be based on the upcoming game of the same name. The screenplay has been written by Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby. As of yet there has been little news surrounding the project and who has been chosen to play the leading lady. Little is known about the story other than it will be set on a stranded island and provides an origin story for Lara. It will include characters from the game such as Sam and Roth but is said to follow the quest of Lara in search of her parents. Presumably this alludes to the games back story in which Lara's parents are missing. This won't be incorporated into the game but will more and likely be explained through the film.

michaeldt 03-11-12 15:25

I do hope that the new film turns out well :) I remember going to see COL in cinemas when I was 7 years old :p. I hope they assign a good director to the project.

Tonyrobinson 03-11-12 17:54

I know I can't wait to see who they pick. Graham King is very influential when he isn't losing money or being sued. :p

I think this may start rolling soon now that Jersey Boys is in turnaround. Graham met with Fox yesterday to try and get them to take on Jersey Boys as Warner Bros. didn't think it had enough international appeal but given their past with picking up Tomb Raider in 2009 I think they might pick that up instead as part of their deal. GK Films have been developing it for long now so I would expect most things are locked in place and just waiting to get a studio to pick it up and get it kno production. :)

TippingWater 23-11-12 17:16

Tonyrobinson 23-11-12 21:30

Here is the second. :)


TippingWater 02-01-13 22:49

Tonyrobinson 02-01-13 23:43

Woah! That actually looks awesome! :D

Trinity34 02-01-13 23:53


Originally Posted by Tonyrobinson (Post 6587828)
Woah! That actually looks awesome! :D

Weren't there at one time pictures of Angelina Jolie dressed in the original outfit from the TR1 game? I could have sworn there was....

Tonyrobinson 02-01-13 23:54

I am not sure I'd love to see that though! :yik:

The only one I remember was this promotional one:


Ward Dragon 03-01-13 00:37

I watched the two films back-to-back the other day. Prior to this I had only seen the first movie once many years ago and I remember not liking it very much so I never bothered to watch the second movie.

However it would seem that Legend has significantly lowered my standards XD The first time I saw the movie I was disappointed because I kept thinking, "They changed so much from the classics." This time I was impressed because I kept thinking, "Wow, this is better than Legend!" :p Lara seemed so bad-ass in every scene in the movies, I liked her outfits a lot more, and her movie headset guys were significantly less annoying than Zip and Alister. Also the action was pretty cool and a lot of the background scenery was beautiful.

I was quite surprised by the end of the second movie though because of a certain similarity with Anniversary. Spoilers for both the second movie and Anniversary:

I truly hate the scene in Anniversary where Lara kills Larson because the way it was handled made Lara seem so petty and not in control of herself. However the movie had a similar scene which I actually liked because it was handled in a way that made Lara seem a lot more reasonable.

She actually tried to reason with Terry first, which made it clear that he was aware of how dangerous his plan was and that she was only willing to shoot him as a last resort. Then her reaction afterwards seemed a lot more believable to me because she was kind of frozen in shock and near tears for a little bit, whereas in Anniversary her reaction was so exaggerated that it was almost comical.

So the movie version made Lara seem more consistent to me because she didn't really want to shoot Terry so it makes sense that she'd be a little shocked at the turn of events and feel bad about it afterwards. But in Anniversary she didn't even try to talk Larson down and it seemed like she was shooting him just to prove him wrong about who she was (not because it was truly a last resort) so it made her seem capricious and unstable to have her be so extremely sad about it afterwards.

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