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PinkyPromise 09-11-20 10:13


Originally Posted by AimlessThunder (Post 8250863)
But all you do is talk about the same thing, everyday, everyday. Sorry to say but I am getting Tancha vibes.

OMG Tancha... I no longer remembered her ... her hatred for Alicia was legendary lol

Portugalraider 09-11-20 14:43

Just as a quick note, Ben Wheatley has finished production of that small horror movie he shot in August.

So that's one less movie taking time from him :p

Source: https://deadline.com/2020/11/ben-whe...234610431/amp/

SoraSakai 09-11-20 23:08

Oh awesome. Now he can finally get started on The Meg 2 ;)

Trenton 09-11-20 23:19

Looking forward to him finishing production on The Meg 2. Then he can finally get started on Tomb Raider 2 :D

Portugalraider 09-11-20 23:43

Plot-twist: Meg 2 and Tomb Raider 2 are the exact same movie. It's all about that shark Lara punched on Cradle of Life wanting revenge after he spent years getting buffed on the gym. :p

SoraSakai 10-11-20 00:06

I would love something ridiculous like that.

PinkyPromise 10-11-20 13:55


Originally Posted by SoraSakai (Post 8251032)
Oh awesome. Now he can finally get started on The Meg 2 ;)

Oh, I didn't know that TheMeg2 had a date on the calendar ... Oh no, wait ... that movie is in limbo like TR2 ;)

SoraSakai 10-11-20 21:33


Originally Posted by PinkyPromise (Post 8251135)
Oh, I didn't know that TheMeg2 had a date on the calendar ... Oh no, wait ... that movie is in limbo like TR2 ;)

It was only announced like 2 weeks ago. Hardly limbo.

PinkyPromise 11-11-20 09:40


Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life Director Details How the Experience Made Him Stop Directing


"It was not such a great experience. But more from the reason how the studio tried to really interfere with it in a way. And the thing itself is that the makers of the game were also involved. And they never told me that they, also, have a say in the story," de Bont shared with Uproxx. "Suddenly there were all these changes that have taken, and who had to be what, and what cast. And then suddenly it became such a big scene. Everything was a big deal. And then the very first day of shooting, it was in Greece, on the Island. The very first day, we got a call, 'Oh, I want to congratulate you on your first day. And by the way, you have to cut $12 million out of your budget.' The very first day! And in those days, $12 million, that’s like four scenes."

"Basically, you say, 'Wait a second, every movie’s going to be like this? Where the studio has a say in what will be done, what scenes have to be in, and even what kind of shirts somebody has to wear at one point?'" de Bont pointed out. "They didn’t like the buttons on one shirt! I still remember, I got a call, 'I didn’t like the buttons on the shirt.' I don’t even remember. What was the guy’s name? The male lead in that movie? Man, I forgot his name. But then, 'Wait a second. You’re calling me because you don’t like the buttons on the shirt?' That was so absurd. Really. And then also having to really constantly deal with budget issues."

Very interesting! Unfortunately, Angelina's TR movies had hellish developments. I thought only the first, but we see that the second too.

Ellioft 11-11-20 09:47

Why this doesn't surprise me.... Paramount just wanted to have a cheap movie. Just like with Sonic.

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