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.snake. 16-09-21 21:25

How have I not heard about this?

Looks absolutely AMAZING!!! Really beautiful stuff. :jmp:

justin 16-09-21 22:54

Beautiful! I really love the 2nd pic! Is this the level you've been working on in your stream?

Axell 17-09-21 11:48

This is looking lovely Matie! Iíve been lurking on your streams and seeing you work on this. Canít wait to run around in there! :D

Matie 17-09-21 14:57

Aw, thank you guys :hug:

Yes @Justin, well yes and no :D This is the second part of the level and the bit I was working on is the first part, but now I split them into two separate levels to make them less cluttered.

PedroTheGamer 17-09-21 15:56

Nice you're still working on that,i through in your livestream are outher project. looks super stunning. i can't more for your work. :D :tmb:

Titak 18-09-21 09:38

Looking great, Matie! :jmp:

I missed the sneak preview during yesterday's 25th anniversary stream. :(
Had visitors yesterday.
So thank you for posting new screens as well. :D

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