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Earthcane 03-05-08 15:32

Then if it is not Boaz, does this prove or hint at the Nephilim designs from the proposed AOD sequels?
Or if not, from AOD itself? A Winged Nephilim would have been too much like TR1 Natla, imo.

KC Mraz 03-05-08 15:34

You are talking about the demon?, I thought the thing was about the spider draw :o.

In that case, I see it as a sun or a thrid eye tattoo.

aussie500 03-05-08 15:39

The concept art is from the entire story, before it was chopped up, the nephilim we were to end up meeting in the 2nd game, but it was never made. It might have perhaps influenced the future direction of the games though, as well as a few swirls here or there.


Drone 03-05-08 15:42

I still don't know how Atlantis and Nephilims can be connected?

Nephilims died after a flood and Atlantis was also flooded but it was in completely different eras

Earthcane 03-05-08 15:42


Originally Posted by aussie500 (Post 2680645)
The winged nephilim is not Boaz, Boaz even when she was going to be a demon did not have wings. The jewel on the forehead is likely a mark similar to the other markings on her skin, or similar to Natla's perhaps?

Wow, there are just too many resemblances between the new Atlantean designs and the Nephilim concepts for there not to be some inherent connection there.

Even if TRU has striked off the AOD Nephilim plot altogether, I just cant help but imagine some of these angelic critters cropping up in the Underworld in some shape or form.

But you have a point, yes, Drone.

But the spider-Boaz? Imo, there isnt really much to say about this sketch- I guess the drawer must have had a fun time coming up with he creepiest mutant-spider-boss he could think of :D

So aussie, what are your dispositions on my celtic Moon sword suggestion?

Drone 03-05-08 15:49

I know that Atlanteans were very tall (Nephilims were tall aswel).
Maybe Core wanted to link these two races? maybe they wanted to say that Atlanteans are survived after the Flood Nephilims. And then God decided to destroy them again and drowned Atlantis?

Earthcane 03-05-08 15:51

This is a posibility, and a good one at that- but who knows?

I think Core realised the success of the Atlanteans and popularity they had among the fan-base, and wanted to look into Biblical myth to find a new replacement race to start up a new storyline.

aussie500 03-05-08 15:53

Celtic designs would tie in with an Atlantean connection, and the moon is good, the nephilim/Atlanteans taught man about astronomy and astrology and we have had several moon goddesses. Although Excalibur did not have double crescent moons, it was changed slightly, with perhaps a more Egyptian direction.



We never did find out how Core were going to explain how Lara escaped from the pyramid, presumably they were going to have to show it and tie it in with the nephilim somehow.

Core l think wanted to restart the franchise, get away from Atlantis and move in a different direction, they rewrote part of what was done for TR1 with a more demonic slant. l personally think it was the wrong direction to take Lara, l much prefer the way Crystal Dynamics have done it, they have moved the original story in a more mystical direction, and will no doubt add some demonic flavour with the next game, but they will stay true to the original game and Atlantis, not try and remake history. Core even had Eckhardt escaping from the castle in 1945 the same year Natla was set free, you cannot just change direction like Core seemed to be trying to do, they could have at least changed the story a bit more.

rowanlim 03-05-08 15:55

1. The sword looks like Excalibur. I guessed the face of the thing holding the sword creeped me out :p

2. The spider thing reminded me of some TRA artwork, of Natla sitting atop some ugly beast...

Drone 03-05-08 15:55

^ I agree with you :) Personally I wouldn't mind to connect tr1 with aod
Actually both games storylines incomplete. We still know nothing about Natla

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