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Rivendell 07-05-08 11:39

:( That Screams AoD 2!

aussie500 07-05-08 11:53


Originally Posted by NightWish (Post 2690081)
hmm my guess for the 1st pic is that the river represents stix in a way and lara is gowing with a boat in the 'underworld'. The nephilim can be represented like devils and the underground city therefore like Hell... Hmm who knows maybe thats where CD got inspired for trunderworld... its darker too

As for the indian-ish statue - It was probably going to be in the louvre...though it loks so cool id loved it if it goes to life

The statue did come to life l believe compare the sword in the first thumbnail to the ones the statue is holding, or maybe Lara just borrowed it for something.

rowanlim 07-05-08 11:53


Originally Posted by Rivendell (Post 2690128)
:( That Screams AoD 2!

Yeah I agree! :D

I think its Castle Kriegler, do you?

kryptonite23 07-05-08 11:55


Originally Posted by Rivendell (Post 2690128)
:( That Screams AoD 2!

Is it already sure that there will be a TR2??

rowanlim 07-05-08 11:58


Originally Posted by kryptonite23 (Post 2690156)
Is it already sure that there will be a TR2??

I think he meant that he thinks it'd be in AOD2 if Core had proceeded as planned ;)

Rivendell 07-05-08 12:51

To me it looks like an underground lake, so it could possibly be somewhere beneath Cappadocia, an entrance to the Nephilim realm - or an entrance to some building in the Nephilim realm.

Either way, I'd love something like this for TR:U.

rowanlim 07-05-08 12:56

^:eek: Cool...Yeah I agree. I think so too, man I wish someone could just tell us the synopsis of each of the 3 AOD games :(

kryptonite23 07-05-08 14:04

Chris ~ Wow...that will be freakin' awesome:jmp:

I wish that could happen :D

aussie500 07-05-08 14:40

Well we had a similar sword in Legend, a similar nephilim in TRA and perhaps a similar scene in Underworld, who knows where it will all lead.


For some reason this always reminds me of the Titans imprisoned in Tartarus.

rowanlim 07-05-08 14:59

:eek: I agree with you! What creature is that? From what (possible) levels? :eek:

Imagine Lara facing off this big baby, man oh man :D

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