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SnatchingEdges 31-07-20 22:43

God not making me Michael Fassbender's Irish top model wife was a dumb decision.

Athukraz 04-08-20 15:54

Defiantly instead of definitely. HOW

Yeauxleaux 04-08-20 18:06


Originally Posted by Athukraz (Post 8226348)
Defiantly instead of definitely. HOW

That's far too common which makes it even weirder, why so many people get those two words confused I don't know. I want to try and pass it off as everyone's phone autocorrecting or something but I'm not convinced.

Another one I've seen a lot on this forum, from various different people, is "ridicules" instead of "ridiculous".

Fantasy 04-08-20 18:09


Originally Posted by Yeauxleaux (Post 8226386)

Another one I've seen a lot on this forum, from various different people, is "ridicules" instead of "ridiculous".

Iíve noticed this, too. Itís stupid.

DragonSlayer 07-08-20 12:28

The Irish government telling people that they won't get the Coronavirus if they spend nearly 10 euro on food when buying a pint it's very unlikely that a chicken curry will stop someone from getting the Coronavirus.

There is no scientific evidence that says you won't get the Coronavirus if you buy food when you go to the pub for a pint and the Coronavirus won't be able to tell the difference between someone who ordered food and someone who didn't.

DragonSlayer 11-08-20 17:34

Donald Trump saying that the Spanish flu of 1918 ended WW2, a conflict that didn't start until 2 decades later.

lance6439 22-08-20 04:34

that trump/biden share the same views/policies

anyone who thinks that needs to be met with a solid brick to the face

Yeauxleaux 24-08-20 01:32

Just had this on Grindr;

"Are you male or FtM?"

Le me - "wtf, male, biologically. Why?"

"Your height" (I'm 5'5)

Ok so first of all are FtMs not men? Check that if you're trying to pick one up. Secondly emasculating me over my height and acting like you've never seen a 5'5 man before isn't cool.


God I miss my ex. **** the UK Visa system sending him back to Brazil and **** Corona for keeping him there. We'd probably be married by now.

DragonSlayer 24-08-20 12:03

Anti videogame idiots blaming videogames for everything including things that happened before videogames existed like the sinking of the Titanic, the attack on Pearl Harbor and the assassination of President Kennedy.

Former anti videogame nutcase Jack Thompson blamed GTA3 for the 9/11 attacks even though GTA3 wasn't released until October 22nd 2001 and due to there being no advertising for GTA3 I've always been under the impression that GTA3 wasn't released until December 2001 which is when I first heard about it.

DragonSlayer 31-08-20 17:45

The idiots accusing Adele of cultural appropriation for having her hair twisted into Bantu Knots.

It was the same a few months ago when an American teenager Morgan Bullock was accused of cultural appropriation because she learned how to Irish dance.

There was no fuss made about cultural appropriation when an Irishman John Gunning became a Sumo wrestler.

These idiots need to learn the difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation.

They are clearly sexist making a big fuss when a woman does something they don't agree with but saying nothing when a guy does something, there's one rule for women and a different rule for guys.

Just ignore the trolls living in their mother's basements hiding behind the safety of their keyboards.

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