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Raider42 02-09-21 03:48

Help playing Tomb Raider 3 on modern PC
Hi guys, I recently finished replaying TR2 after a long time and I used a patch that I found somewhere on this site that improved the graphics (I think it used some things from the PS version that the PC version lacked), enabled controller support, fixed and issue with the health bar not being visible among other things.

Now I want to play TR3 and I was wondering if something similar exist for this game. I have the GOG version of the games and I tried executing it as it is but it doesn't have sound (like it happened with TR2) and no controller support. Any advice to make this game great to play in 2021 would be appreciated :)

Kirishima 02-09-21 11:05

No patch like the one you mentioned currently exists ATM, although the creator did make a small patch (I'll link to it later when I can find it). The best that can be done is just running tomb3 with dgvoodoo2 for any gfx related issues. Sound probably could be any number of issues. Have you tried running Tomb3's setup to see if it's detecting any sound devices properly?

UPDATE: Here it is, it's just a simple widescreen patch with a newer fmv player since he didn't get into fully decompiling the game at the time:

UPDATE UPDATE: Forgot one more thing. Peixoto's patch should support this game as well. Aside from mods like texture replacements, I'm not too sure what else it offers since I personally don't use it.
The mod is free, as far as I can tell.

The 2 mods posted above are not compatible with one another IIRC.

Raider42 02-09-21 18:48

Tanks for the reply! Yeah I figured there's not a patch like the one for TR2 :( For the sound after a quick google search I encountered the solution by changing a Sound number in the config file and it worked.

I haven't tried the first patch you posted, I'm not sure it would work with the GOG version. The Peixoto's patch took me a while to figure out how to use it and then when I tried executing it from the list of games that it has, it just opens it super zoomed in. I didn't feel like messing with the settings it has, so I'll just try to play it as it is. For the controller I suppose I have to use something like Joy2key.

Kirishima 02-09-21 20:03

That's the reason I don't use peixoto's patch. I could never get it to work myself although others have had better luck.

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