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sampiza 04-10-17 19:33

Bike sounds missing
What do i need to add in the sound.txt to work the bike sounds? Thx in advance.

SrDanielPonces 04-10-17 19:46

At the end, where there is #Df, put #g, and that will activate the sound on your level.
Note that #g stand for general, and will activate on all levels. If you want to change for a specific level, put 2 letter to represent your level.

Save your sounds.txt, and then you must add these lines on "SFX_Example.bat".
For example, these are some of mine:


pcwadsfx Fathoms  f
pcwadsfx MariaDoria md
pcwadsfx Living  lv
pcwadsfx Deck    dk

-all lines must have "pcwadsfx"
-then, add the name of your level WAD
-then, the two (or one) letters you had to choose.

You can add these by right clicking on "SFX_Example.bat" (on Sounds>LevelSFX Creator) and adding your levels on there.

For example, I want to add one sound only to the "Living" level.

Then, I will only leave that line on the "SFX_Example.bat". Save it, and then run it. It will convert the sounds only to that level (will be automatically on your wad).

If you want them all, put them all.

Hope I explained well :)

Remember to leave alone the

copy *.sam ..\..\graphics\wads
copy *.sfx ..\..\graphics\wads

del *.sam
del *.sfx

which is at the bottom of your lines on SFX_Example.bat.

sampiza 04-10-17 20:00

It Worked!Thank you so much. :D

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