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AkyV 28-08-17 11:04

Did you know that...? - Forgotten features
A few days ago I sent these posts in the "TRLE off-topic chat" thread:


Flash grenade. A very underrated ammo. Which is reasonable, because why would I distract the enemy with it if I have usually unlimited pistols ammo to kill it?
I bet maximum 10 % of the builders have ever used it, and the most of them only saying "I don't really know why, but why not".

But what if you force the player to use that ammo for a good reason? For example:
- the enemy needs to be driven to a HEAVY trigger, so you cannot kill it, but naturally you don't want to be hurt, so you hide yourself from him, or
- the pistols ammo are very low and precious, or Lara is almost disarmed, the only weapon is the grenade gun and the only ammo is the flash grenade - this is the only way to escape and remain healthy.
- Etc.

Speaking of special ammo like flash grenades.
Did you know, guys, that the poison arrow (which probably was buggy in TRLE, without a permanent "poisoned" status, just like the darts) has been fixed in TRNG (years ago), it really poisons the enemy now - shoot even a strong one only with one arrow, leave him there, he will die soon by itself?
This gave me an idea.
I mean, are you aware of any TRLE, TRNG, TREP, WADMerger, Metasequoia etc. cool feature which seems underrated for you? Or which is useable now, nobody seems to know its buggy status has been fixed, though? Or people never mention it in the posts, but you frequently use it?

What is, for example, with the detector? A nice TRNG feature, but I have never seen that so far in any custom games. Theoretically I suppose one or two games have already used that, but I bet there are no more.

So if there is a rare but cool level-building feature/tool that you, the level builder can suggest to other level builders, then please post it here.

Please mark your suggestion with blue color, so if we discuss it in other posts, then we will be able to distinguish the suggestion from them.

"Miss" category here is something else. That is from the aspect of a player. And based on personal preferences - which means here you can suggest something even if you don't (really) like that, because eg. it is too hard for your taste, but perhaps others will like it.
However, naturally you can post the same suggestion even in both threads, if that fits in both threads.

Titak 28-08-17 16:52

Detector... I haven't seen it in any level yet. :ponder:
But that does not mean much... I don't play all levels that are released... :o

No things come to mind at the moment, but great idea to have a thread for this! :tmb:

Tjw croft 28-08-17 17:00


Originally Posted by Titak (Post 7774111)
Detector... I haven't seen it in any level yet. :ponder:
But that does not mean much... I don't play all levels that are released... :o

No things come to mind at the moment, but great idea to have a thread for this! :tmb:

Remind me, what did the Detector do/where was it originally? I remember the name, but not the object.

Titak 28-08-17 17:37

I don't know exactly either, but it is in one of Paolone's tutorial projects.
He implemented it at some point.

There wasn't anything like that in any of the classic games.

Tjw croft 28-08-17 17:42

Oh, okay. For some reason I thought maybe TR4, but I guess not then.

SrDanielPonces 28-08-17 20:48

What does it do anyways

AkyV 28-08-17 22:34

See? Almost nobody knows it... ;)


From Paolone:


C) Pointer Detector.
The detector is a fully new object for all tomb raider saga.
This work like an avanced radar to discover the position (north/south/east/west), height (up/down respect to lara) and distance in meter of some target.
In script you can set the target and working mode.
The pointer detector allows to monitor only a single target for time, but when first target has been picked up or killed, the detector can start to monitor another object of the list you typed in script.txt file.

D) Radar Detector
The main difference of Radar Detector respect that Pointer Detector, is that, with Radar detector you can monitor many targets in same time, if they enter in the range of distance you set in script.txt file
("Fully new" - he said, yes, but years ago.)


A_De 29-08-17 12:25

^ seems a bit counter-strikish :D
I found a bug or maybe a feature related with testposition= command. If the movable slot is some keyhole them it will be activated without a key when entering to testposition area. At least that happens with keyhole12.

SrDanielPonces 29-08-17 12:36

Oh yes, this detector can be seen in King Arthur Project

Dustie 29-08-17 13:24

I've known about the detector for years now and I've had it in my head all this time. I've never tried it, but I know it will be perfect for my Aliens levels. :D

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