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Woops 23-09-20 14:37


Originally Posted by tomblover (Post 8241053)
i've been really sexy lately :gabisaysbequiet:

pop a 911 itís illegal being such a queen

LNSNHGTDS 23-09-20 15:37


Originally Posted by Yeauxleaux (Post 8241453)
[SIZE="4"][FONT="Times New Roman"][I]I like the long hair, earrings and this style of facial hair on you. It's a vibe, you look like a snack.

Thank you! :hug:

I'm trying to grow out my hair to the length of my neck or maybe a bit longer. I'm almost there but for my previous haircut I had the side parts cut really short (because I'm basic) so now it's taking forever for them to reach a length similar to the rest xD !

tomblover 23-09-20 15:39

@Woops: That's gossip!


Originally Posted by Yeauxleaux (Post 8241453)
@tomblover I love silly photo moments like that haha, your skin is so clear though I need tips

I really only use moisturizer (Kiehl's Facial Fuel), and that's the one time in ten that I remember to. :vlol:

The rest is all make-up - Fenty Beauty concealer and Dior Backstage foundation, to be specific. :p

My trick is to basically apply the concealer almost as if it were foundation, very liberally, for coverage - and then I apply a light layer of the actual foundation, just to smooth everything out and make my face one color before I go in with blush. :pi:

In the pic, I'm wearing Luster by NARS - which I kind of use as bronzer, gives me that sun-kissed look. :D

If you're interested, anyway, the Fenty concealer is great! I only wouldn't recommend it for dry skin, because it's incredibly matte, but the coverage is fantastic.

I go from looking like I've slept 4 hours in a week to 8 hours every night. :innocent:

Bashar 23-09-20 21:45


Hola beautiful people

SnatchingEdges 23-09-20 22:37

The way me he enamorado :pi:

LNSNHGTDS 24-09-20 08:38

Wow! That's an iconic look!

Tsarina 25-09-20 13:53

Flashback Friday


BlueCake 25-09-20 22:22


Originally Posted by Bashar (Post 8241586)
Hola beautiful people

Wow. Lookin' like a goddess.

LNSNHGTDS 26-09-20 07:35

QUEEN! You look amazing!

Bashar 26-09-20 10:57

The fanbase here is goddamn attractive, look at you all!

Thank you for the kind words :hug:

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