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TheShadowOfMe 29-03-18 20:47


Originally Posted by GRiannisRaider (Post 7845493)
Omg Ascension :( I still get mad over the fact that they abandoned that idea :( I would really like to do something like ascension for my portfolio in the future :D

Yes. I'd be happy if we got only a demo version of a game before they abandoned it. :( I'll never get over it TBH. :(

If you do, share it with us. :hug:

Ariana Grindr 29-03-18 20:47


Originally Posted by Matie (Post 7845482)
I can't promise anything, but I might give it a go. Unfortunately, there's work stopping me too (and the lack of confidence :p), so we'll see. :o


I look forward to it!

Mickybyrne20 29-03-18 20:49

Her gravity defying wall scrabble animation is horrible, I always axe grapple ledges just to make it look more realistic.

Her scrabble is ok, but a simple roll is better. Her jump is very weird, not sure if someone motion captured that particular jump animation, but nobody jumps like that.

She should run up walls to grab them. Most of her other animations are really nice. Aside some kill animation can look floaty. Her ledge movement is rather choppy, in fact Anniversary animations look more fluid in that regard.

Rai 29-03-18 20:51


Originally Posted by just*raidin*tomb (Post 7845430)
I guess i agree with this, though it would be nice if her animations reflected her growth in strength a bit.

Whilst I can agree, Lara needs to have more finesse in her movements, less sloppy/clumsy landings for example, I do agree with AntRaidsTombs here. There was a definite improvement in posture.


Originally Posted by AntRaidsTombs (Post 7845436)
Her posture did change between reboot and Rise imo

Yeah, as I played TR'13, I turned into my mother always reminding Lara to stand up straight and stop slouching :p. I was sure she'd get neck ache with her head bent down constantly and a sore back for slouching when sitting too. This improved in Rise, but I still feel for her back when she's constantly using that cover crouch, which she uses so often. She needs to straighten those knees more though during her resting poses. Actually, I think there is a resting animation where she rubs her neck and moves it as if trying to loosen muscles which I find kinda neat.

Lukass 29-03-18 20:53

I like the jump and lift up animations. I expect those to be the same. At least the jump as you can clearly see the same animation in the teaser.

TheShadowOfMe 29-03-18 20:56

The only thing that's bothering me is ability to move her 360 degrees in mid-air.
But considering I haven't played Rise I can't comment on her movements. It's not the same when you're watching it on YouTube and actually playing it.

biscuits 29-03-18 20:57

The problem isn't the animations themselves, which I think look great. I just think the animations move too quickly, I get the feeling that some links are missing.

I just hope they don't recycle the animations again. The new animations in Rise didn't feel very polished either. They seemed rushed.

TheShadowOfMe 29-03-18 20:58

^ Right.

Also, they should give her some weight when jumping/climbing.

just*raidin*tomb 29-03-18 21:00

Oh yes the scramble itself is fine but the animation doesnt look realistic.

I wish that they would change it to something like this @00:05

Patrick star 29-03-18 21:10


Originally Posted by Lukass (Post 7845506)
I like the jump and lift up animations. I expect those to be the same..

I like them too ! especially the jump , I jump like that all the time :vlol: #relateble :D If anything , it's a TON better than LAU's jump..oh wait , did I say "jump"? more like a lame hop like a 3 year old kid .

The pulling up animation is quite lovely too , I wish it stays , but I also guess it would be good to add another animation for variety purposes , I liked that in Underworld in which there were 3 different pull-up animations (as sloppy as 2 of them were , but the fact that they were different is appreciated)

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