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klona 26-01-13 18:40


What's that supposed to be?
Crystal Dynamics' version of troll face?

Heartache 26-01-13 18:41

they should have hired me :( i could do a better commercial than that guy. everyone could

Jfmeplayer 26-01-13 18:44


This is so random oh god

klona 26-01-13 18:44

Again with the god damn xbox exclusives! :rolleyes:

Soul 26-01-13 18:46

[QUOTE=TippingWater;6622903]lol where? at what min and sex, I mean sec? :D[/QUOTE]

^During the beginning ~ 0:15 -.-

Oh god - this was REALLY bad. Anyone noticed his HUGE head, while playing? :o

Lukass 26-01-13 18:48

I've never seen anything so embarrassing.

ItIsOkBro 26-01-13 18:50

[QUOTE=Soul;6622913]^During the beginning ~ 0:15 -.-

Oh god - this was REALLY bad. Anyone noticed his HUGE head, while playing? :o[/QUOTE]

He looked real awkward all together when sitting on that chair :o

Bomb Fighter 26-01-13 18:51

Xtina singing Fighter would suit the game better, but...

But forget him! Have you noticed Laras hair when she jumped at the ladder? It looks like it has more strands again!

Evan C. 26-01-13 18:51

The only good thing about this video is the bulge bouncing :vlol: I'm sorry

Bomb Fighter 26-01-13 18:54


ItIsOkBro 26-01-13 18:57

[QUOTE=Bomb Fighter;6622929]Lol.

Lol @ the one strand that got away.

Jami393 26-01-13 18:58


I thought the controller came out the same time as the game.

[QUOTE=klona;6622908]Again with the god damn xbox exclusives! :rolleyes:[/QUOTE]

At least it's not DLC exclusives this time. Also does it matter if its another Xbox exclusive.

Heartache 26-01-13 19:00

that sequence is from crossroads.

Phlip 26-01-13 19:01

Good God that is one cringeworthy advert.

Mikky 26-01-13 19:06

[QUOTE=davidmeyer000;6622623]The release is getting closer, you guys. I'm getting so nervous! ((*゜Д゜)ゞ

Come on, dual pistols, please be in this game!
Come on, story line, please be amazing and unpredictable!
Come on, game play, please be fun and not completely repetitive!
Come on, tombs, be scary, diverse, and creepy!
Come on, length, please be 12-15 hours long without exploration!
Come on, mature rating, please don't disappoint me!
Come on, DLC, please be accessible to everyone at some point!

ZOMGGGGG! ヽ( ̄д ̄)ノ[/QUOTE]

Come on, let me win the lottery!

Get real, lol.


Another montage ( it's a combination of 2 pictures of Lara )


Wow, this is amazing. Well done. Legend Lara has never looked prettier. :D


What the ****... Is this? I cant... What? What has that guy got to do with TR? Why is he there? Have I entered some sort of parrallel universe?

Crystal Dynamics and Square...

**** you.

FearEffect 26-01-13 19:11



Lukass 26-01-13 19:13

Holy ****!

vinnyvis 26-01-13 19:13

[QUOTE=klona;6622908]Again with the god damn xbox exclusives! :rolleyes:[/QUOTE]

Oh shut it you... Look what we xbox fans got..
You should be happy is exclusive. :pi:

Rai 26-01-13 19:14


So I guess this is the mightymouse person who was doing the VO work for an Xbox exclusive that people were all up in arms about as it was presumed he was a MP character? I guess he isn't a MP character after all. and yet people are still upset. Oh. Not the best commercial I've seen, but, it advertises a controller.

Mikky 26-01-13 19:18

I really want that steelcase. I hope it's available on Amazon.

Rai 26-01-13 19:37

[B][COLOR=Purple]A few posts deleted or edited for containing descriptions/language which is inappropriate for an all age forum. Please remember that quoting is just as bad a posting originally any language etc that is inappropriate. [/COLOR][/B]

FearEffect 26-01-13 19:59

Working on a new montage


Phlip 26-01-13 20:04

I love you.

Only TR lover 26-01-13 20:11

Looks great :tmb: Keep them coming :)

Mikky 26-01-13 20:11

Isn't it possibe to edit out the guy in the background? I mean, Lara's just standing there while she's being attacked. :o

Bomb Fighter 26-01-13 20:23

Im getting the steelcase! Yaaaay! :p I knew it would look amazing.

FearEffect 26-01-13 20:24

[QUOTE=Mikky;6623037]Isn't it possibe to edit out the guy in the background? I mean, Lara's just standing there while she's being attacked. :o[/QUOTE]

Done :D

Thanks :D

Baratheon 26-01-13 20:33

Lara is exceptionally undersize in comparison to the background, but its visually marvelous!

FearEffect 26-01-13 20:55

You're right :D Thanks

Final version :


davidmeyer000 26-01-13 21:01

^That is just beyond beautiful. :P

Soul 26-01-13 21:02

[QUOTE=FearEffect;6623097]You're right :D Thanks

Final version :

[URL=""][IMG][/IMG][/URL][/QUOTE]Fantastic! :tmb:

Baratheon 26-01-13 21:08


Mikky 26-01-13 21:12

[QUOTE=FearEffect;6623097]You're right :D Thanks

Final version :


Yay, you listened to my feedback. \o/ It looks wonderful. Well done. :D

Alister's_Brain 26-01-13 21:12

It should be the secondary cover :jmp:

Evan C. 26-01-13 21:15

That's impressive! Love the hair detail, looks more Lara-ish than ever before with just that simple touch.

Sir Croft 26-01-13 21:15

Nice work on the lighting! :tmb:

FearEffect 26-01-13 21:18

Thank you guys :hug: I love you :hug::hug:

Wallpaper Version :


Adrenaline 26-01-13 21:22


tr fan 4 ever 26-01-13 21:23

Thank you! :yik: You're awesome!!

FearEffect 26-01-13 21:26

[B]Thanks, i'm glad you like it, all my montage are [URL=""]here [/URL] if you are interested [/B]

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