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King.Louie 24-06-11 13:31

^Your so beautiful :)

Underworld2008 24-06-11 13:55


Originally Posted by egypt_gypsie (Post 5512206)

Absolutely stunning :)

maximum_123 24-06-11 18:09


Originally Posted by Cali (Post 5511405)
Mm-mmm! So is youuuuuu!! Uh huh!!


Originally Posted by xXhayleyroxXx (Post 5511516)
Thankyou! You look amaze <3 xxxxxxxx ^.^

Thaaaanks! :D


Originally Posted by TheRCroft (Post 5511541)
Looking really hot, Mr. Max123. Let's kick it in the front seat? ;D

You know how to win a guy's heart, you truly do. -wipes tear- xoxo

@egypt_gypsie You're so pretty! :yik:

Gladous 24-06-11 18:10

You guys are so beautiful and handsome and make me envy for your attractiveness. :cln:

touchthesky 24-06-11 18:39


SkyPuppy 25-06-11 01:38

^ loving the outfit. :) and your hair is pretty.


Originally Posted by Cali (Post 5510815)
Thought I'd try a black and white photo...


Cali cat. <3 you are so damn cute and gorgeous, dear. you need to definitely post prom pictures.


Originally Posted by msalpha2omega (Post 5511649)

so stunning. @_@ i honestly wish you posted in here more.

scremanie 25-06-11 02:57


Me with my mum, taken about two weeks ago. :D

CiaKonwerski 25-06-11 03:04

^You have really nice eyes. :)

Looking great Egypt and Sky. :D

scremanie 25-06-11 03:06

Thank you. :o

*looks at others photos* oh wow! Very purdy ladies we have here! /derp

SkyPuppy 25-06-11 03:08


Originally Posted by scremanie (Post 5514248)

Me with my mum, taken about two weeks ago. :D

aww, your mother is beautiful. :) oh, and you look nice, too, i guess. ;D you have such noticeable eyes. @_@

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