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xXhayleyroxXx 29-07-11 13:48


irishhips 29-07-11 13:50


Originally Posted by xXhayleyroxXx (Post 5591169)
NO YOU! :vlol: You're the stunning one :ohn: Thankyou :gki: xxxxxxx

You two are both stunning, so no need for a cat fight :vlol:

BrandonFlowers 29-07-11 13:54

Hayley you are Courteney Cox levels of beautiful :hug:
Thats the highest compliment I can give :p

Chocola teapot 29-07-11 13:57

Goodness gracious me, Hayley... you look Freaking Hawt.


Loving the makeup, Sexy bish.

Isaac 29-07-11 14:08

You're pretty as always Hayley. :)

Cali 29-07-11 14:45

Hayley you are so PRETTY! I love your eyes and makeup! Little ickle pile of cutey wooty pwetty-ness! I am well jelly :(

Linoshi Croft 29-07-11 15:24

Me and my sister being weird :vlol: . .




TheRCroft 29-07-11 15:36


Originally Posted by miss.haggard (Post 5590414)
^^ Quite the transformation! Bored while trying to get the car fixed.


So beautiful, miss.haggard!

Originally Posted by Lara_Fan_33 (Post 5590411)
Thanks for the compliments errone :) hres a few randoms before the beach lol

Looking good! :D

Originally Posted by Isaac (Post 5590070)
It's been a while.

@James_Rutland: Looking cute there, looking forward to see how you'll look when you'll be 20. The sames goes for you too Lara_Fan_33.

I got a new cellphone and I tried it:


Isaac, you look handsome as always, love the eyes. :D

Originally Posted by xXhayleyroxXx (Post 5590914)
~Isaac ~ Ah, so hot D:
~Laney ~ You're so naturally pretty <3

K so I was totally posing on webcam and shizz xD

http://i52.************/34oxyte.jpg Crooked smile :vlol:

Why, Hayley, WHY? Why do you have to be so beautiful? I mean, yeah. Jeez, you are so stunning, girl <33
Awwwh, my baby looks so cute .__. And I want your clothes >: And I want you. <3

BrandonFlowers 29-07-11 15:39

Linoshi, is your sister single? :eek: :hug:

Linoshi Croft 29-07-11 15:39

Yes :pi:


Originally Posted by TheRCroft (Post 5591315)
Awwwh, my baby looks so cute .__. And I want your clothes >: And I want you. <3

Aww Raffy :o I'm all yours ;D

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