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click4dylan 01-10-14 00:17

TRUE Crash Fix for TRL Next Gen Mode (Download)
I have created a true fix for the next-gen crash on kazahkstan and the other levels. I have disassembled the game and created a check to prevent the crash. You still need to have Data Execution Prevention disabled in your windows for the TRL.exe to prevent the game crashing at startup. But you can now play all the levels in the game with Next-Generation content enabled without crashing to desktop. Simply replace your TRL.exe with the one included in this zip file and the crash will be fixed. On this forum you may know me as the one who also fixed Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness controls on PC with a patch (before sashos took over my work and improved it some more when I lost interest in fixing the game).


STEAM version fix: http://nightfire.no-ip.org/files/Tom...hFix_Steam.zip

ajrich17901 01-10-14 12:32

I remember you, thanks for doing this :)
Testing out in a second on steam.

Edit" Still getting the same fatal error as before, all we have to do is replace the original exe file with the new one correct?

FreakRaider 01-10-14 13:24

Idk why, but the original steam exe fixed that crash bug for me already, so I won't download it

sackboy123 01-10-14 14:44

And I'm not downloading due to the fact Next gen works for me flawlessly

Benjamin4792 01-10-14 16:22

Have not downloaded yet. Does this patch fix the incredible lag and the awkward white blobs/lines on her backpack?

sackboy123 01-10-14 16:23

White blobs mean your computer isn't quite strong enough

Benjamin4792 01-10-14 16:25


Originally Posted by sackboy123 (Post 7188031)
White blobs mean your computer isn't quite strong enough

No it does not. It means that the graphics are not rendering properly due to the buggy engine

Does it fix that?

sackboy123 01-10-14 16:37

If so then why isn't it doing it for me

Benjamin4792 01-10-14 17:01


Originally Posted by sackboy123 (Post 7188043)
If so then why isn't it doing it for me

Depends on the copy


Anyway, if you claim that my PC is not strong enough. Then how can TRU run at perfection when having BETTER graphics than TRL

sackboy123 01-10-14 18:19

I'm not saying that your computer isn't strong enough I'm just saying why I don't have the white blob thingies

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