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Girafarig32 12-05-19 18:49

That's hilarious! I've seen her model before iirc. More like Amanda's cousin post-Peru. Definitely a good call scrapping it unless it was just like a side costume or something. But it sounds like it was supposed to be part of the main gameplay. Eek...

NoahCrofRaider 12-05-19 19:07

Now that you mention it, it does look a lot like Amanda! Maybe after Paraiso, she had a redhead, skater-punk phase. :D

Samz 12-05-19 20:34


Originally Posted by FanosCroft (Post 8085089)
Omg. I guess you'll never know everything about Tomb Raider, I'm glad this was cancelled.

I don't see why your so hostile about this.

She literally just existed as Player Two seemingly.

Not involved in the plot, not even canon possibly, just there so there aren't two Laras.

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