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Enastra 16-07-21 03:41

TR1 Gold Setup on Old PC
Hey there,
Sorry for the length in advance but here goes.

Recently i have been trying to install TR1 (Gold) on my old style windows 98 rig. I am coming across some kind of graphical bug, and i think it has to do with the graphics card being used: a radeon 7200 32mb.

The problem is that the install screen is horribly disfigured, like the image is being sliced into rows, stretched and duplicated 4 times... i can navigate the menus but i cant make out anything. hard to explain but i will try to attach an image later. I thought if i could somehow guess enough and get through the install i could use one of the patches my TR Gold CD came with but no dice so far.

Im not sure if glidos will help or not, and it will be the first thing i attempt, but i guess i just wanted to check if someone would just so happen to know a cause or fix for this. Im not super fluent as far as the old tech goes, opengl and 3dfx and such, i dont know what half of it means... so apologies in advance :)

I can add more to this as time goes if need be, images and more specs etc.

Thanks for takin a read. :D

gidierre 24-07-21 12:33


Originally Posted by Enastra (Post 8310123)
and i think it has to do with the graphics card being used: a radeon 7200 32mb.

little doubt about it

I'd think you already tried these
although, you know, imho there's more to it than getting the "right" Win9x driver
it remains to be seen how/if it handles all the tomb*.exe things right

personally as a rule of thumb I went for picking my choice of the exe's first and then making sure the gfx paraphernalia, virtual ones whenever needed, would be kind enough to comply.

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