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FloTheMachine 11-10-10 19:49

Don't you..? :D

larafriend 16-10-10 09:09

Larafriend, building Beyond Revenge Lies Redemption - episode 1 with dxtre3d :)

CelticGuard 16-10-10 14:42

I'm not building anything yet, but I've made one complete TR3 level.

FloTheMachine 16-10-10 14:45

Offtopic: Pleasssseee finish Nocturnal Monsters :D PLEASE!

CelticGuard 16-10-10 17:18


Originally Posted by FloTheMachine (Post 4947764)
Offtopic: Pleasssseee finish Nocturnal Monsters :D PLEASE!

lol I was just thinking about this a while ago :D

My exams are going on now...after they finish I will try to remake or at least make a better, extended sequel :jmp:

FloTheMachine 16-10-10 20:39

Please do :D

FloTheMachine 02-11-10 13:49

Good enough for a sticky yet..? :)

Lwmte 02-11-10 21:26

Silly me!
I forgot to say that Boris Samoilenko (author of Lara Croft Returns series) and Satanoff (Souls of Fire level), both from Russia, are working in Dxtre3d too! ;)

FloTheMachine 03-11-10 17:46

Don't you though..? :D

Lwmte 05-11-10 08:09

I'm not building levels, but indeed i use Dxtre3d! :D

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