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matrix54 08-03-18 16:32

Both of those are a yes, but require some engine tricks.


To preset the crossbow, you have to change the crossbow's inventory flags with scripting and trigger groups. This causes the lasersight to remake active, but you don't see the word "Separate" beneath it.


To give the shotgun a single box of ammo, you need to remove the uzis or the revolver from you level, and (with inventory flags) force the shotgun to display uzi ammo or revovler ammo beneath the shotgun (while just picking up the shotgun shells you want, with either wideshot or normal shot). Then, you tell the game to make the uzi ammo equal to whatever shotgun shells you're using.

What will happen is you'll end up with uzi or revolver ammo in your inventory, so you can default the uzi or the revovler some other random object (like a timer), and hide the ammo with inventory item flags. You would (of course) force the gun to show the the statistics when clicked.


Complicated stuff without plugins (which I don't believe we have). :vlol:

DJ Full 12-03-18 16:36

I got your mix plugin 1 Akyv, NG_Center asked me where to unpack it to.
But instead of extracting to my trle root folder, all working files got duplicated.
So I have one copy in root and another in internal /Plugin_AkyVMix01 folder.
I didn't notice that and compiled the script, now the newest is in the root...

Is this normal? Maybe it is, but doesn't look like it. Do I need both copies?
If not, which files do I need and which I can delete to avoid data loss?

Titak 12-03-18 17:07

Can't you check with folder NG-Center uses for the files? :ponder:

DJ Full 12-03-18 17:29

Not really.

NG_Center says the plugin files are used by the internal folder.

Of script.dat, now I have:
- in root folder: probably last compilation, 17:38
- but in subfolder: version from 15:30 when I didn't even yet have the plugin.
But that version in plugin folder wasn't shipped with plugin files.
I assume it was created and bound with them but the date is wrong.

The script.txt is only one, in the root folder.
But when I mounted the plugin, this file was auto-updated with plugin info.

So I cannot really be sure what changed and where...

AkyV 12-03-18 17:53

I recommend to unpack first (anywhere), before installing it. Not only mine, it seems general about plugins.
Anway (should be automatical by the installation):

BTN: NG Center root
SCRIPT: NG Center root
OCB: NG Center root
DLL: TRLE root
TRG: TRLE root
TXT: with Plugin name, transformed into a Properties TXT, in NG Center root
Other TXT: made only for the plugin install folder

DJ Full 12-03-18 18:06

This is precisely what I did. Unpacked and selected "install from folder".
Then I did the same but "install from zip file" and there was no change.
My major concern is all the duped files - is this error, backup or update...

AkyV 12-03-18 18:24

You don't need to install it from folder/ZIP/RAR. Those are only options.
And only one DLL was uploaded. There are no othere versions. DLL was compiled at 24-12-2017 1:33 AM. No backup, no update.
I hope you used the official link.


If you can still enter the test forum, then perhaps there can be WIP links there. I hope you didn't choose them... :)

DJ Full 12-03-18 18:40

I guess I know what happened.
I unpacked to the root folder. Not installed but just unpacked.
Then I clicked on "install", but the files were already in correct places...
so the installer didn't know what to do and duped them into a subfolder.

Does it make sense?

But it doesn't explain why it duped ALL files together with plugin ones...
I mean load, english, script, projects, exes, even the exported trigger txts.

I'm gonna compare those 150MB file by file, and check the size differences...
I think this is the safest, if not the only option...

AkyV 12-03-18 18:52

Honestly, a plugin installation should be very easy:
1. Unpack anywhere. (No, this custom folder is not the correct place.)
2. Choose "install from folder".
3. Installing...
4. As the warning message says, restart NG Center before doing anything else in the script.

Project, english etc. - these have nothing to do with plugins. :confused:
NG Center never did anything like that to me.... (Is it TRNG

But duped files (not Tomb Raider, though) also happened to me, a few times (I mean, not when doing anything with plugins). I don't know what caused that, I needed a so-called "consistence check" (or what the proper English term is) to fix them. (fsutil dirty query c:, chkdsk c)

DJ Full 12-03-18 19:41

Yep. I just unpacked to the only folder I shouldn't have unpacked to :D
De-duplicated... I mean unified the folder.... ready to test the plugin :)
Let's see.....

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