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UroshUchiha 27-03-20 19:07

Lara Croft GO Free
Lara Croft GO is free to download from March 27 to April 2 for both IOS and Android

tlr online 27-03-20 20:30

Thank you for posting this.

Avalon SARL 29-03-20 09:11

Downloading it tonight :D

Rafael 30-03-20 21:23

Yes! It's free....

If someone wants to have a glimpse on how the gameplay is, I ask for permission to all the mods here to let me post a Link of a Gameplay Video that I Uploaded to my channel few minutes ago....


Hope you liket it!


Avalon SARL 12-04-20 16:30

My entire family is playing this game.
They all liked it.

I wish new adventures are released soon.

Amunet 12-04-20 16:39

I've been playing this as well. Already finished the main adventure and Cave of Fire. Only one adventure left.

It's really good. Some puzzles even make you stop and think. I like how it keeps upping the challenge with each level.

I also love how it uses some sound bites from the Classics. ♥

tlr online 13-04-20 22:18

This game is so brilliant at capturing the true spirit of Tomb Raider. Amazing game.

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