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Heidi_w_ 28-02-17 15:56


Originally Posted by joona (Post 7717464)
Oh sorry, my bad. :o Yes, I would love to see a picture like the cover of the game :) Lara with her bow & other weapons. :jmp:

Gotta figure we'll get at least an official photo before long -- we aren't asking for a trailer here! One quick snapshot, c'mon! :jmp:

andre_costa 28-02-17 16:37

I don't know how Hollywood works to promote their movies, but I was thinking... Maybe we'll have our first pic only in May/June or early July. It will work to announce that Tomb Raider will be present in Comic Con. But again, IDK how Hollywood works with that.

PinkyPromise 28-02-17 16:45

The beauty and the Best open in March, the same date of TR (but different year) and the first teaser was in May and the trailer in Nov.

I think we will have teaser en June with ComicCon and trailer in Xmas.

andre_costa 28-02-17 17:09

But when did Beauty and the Beast jump into production? Tomb Raider only did it on January 23th.

Edit: Beauty and the Beast jumped into production in a quite some time ago.


Principal photography on the film began at Shepperton Studios in Surrey, England on May 18, 2015. Filming with the principal actors concluded on August 21
See? Beauty and the Beast had almost a year to release a teaser after the production had started. With Tomb Raider is different. We don't have that time. If we had it, the first teaser would just come out in January 2018. The producers have to kinda rush it and God I hope that this doesn't ruin the movie like what happen with AoD. Just imagine watching a movie full of bugs! :vlol:

HRHCroft 28-02-17 19:29

Warner Bros. released first look teasers/trailers for "Suicide Squad", "Justice League" and "Wonder Woman" while they were still shooting - "Justice League" was only a few weeks into production, if I remember correctly. Nowadays, with the advanced camera tech, etc. grading, editing and preparing footage for release is a much quicker process than it used to be.

They could easily have a trailer ready for summer, in time for Comic Con or whatever. If they choose to, we don't know, but it's absolutely possible.

Heidi_w_ 28-02-17 19:41

Also, Beauty is a very effects-driven spectacle in a fantasy setting -- Rise, while certainly will have its share of effects, will likely be significantly less CGI-dependent and so won't have as much post-production work to be done after principal photography.

*EDIT* According to IMDB someone is stunt doubling for Milton Schorr...guess a new actor to be added to the cast, though he seems to have bit parts according to work history, so probably not a major character.

andre_costa 01-03-17 16:26

News on the cast! (I think...)


The crew on Tomb Raider was updated and it was added Frans Steyn. He is a stunt double for Milton Schorr, who is an actor.

Milton Schorr's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/milton.schorr/
Frans Steyn's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/itslefrench/

Rai 01-03-17 16:35

Never heard of Milton Schorr, though his imdb page says he was in RE. Can't even think what role he'd take. It must be decent to require a stunt double.

Zebra 01-03-17 16:59

With that beard he looks like he'd make a good Solarii (or whatever the cultists on the island will be called in the film). Or I guess he could also be a pirate (we don't really know what role pirates will play in the film's plot yet, though).

Just look at this: https://www.instagram.com/p/-gBKKkBT...=milton.schorr
Or this: https://www.instagram.com/p/_KrVcTBT...=milton.schorr

He's totally got the Solarii look down.

andre_costa 01-03-17 17:15

I found the facebook page of the crew responsible for some equipment.


Today, I'm like - You ask for something, and I'll find! :vlol:

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