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leoarcie 07-04-21 18:43

Happy 15th anniversary
On this day back in 2006 Tomb Raider: Legend was launched
Happy 15 years :cln:

UroshUchiha 07-04-21 19:05

Happy 15th birthday TRL!
I still remember being a kid back then with my jaw on the floor when I saw a poster of TRL in a magazine I read back then called ScreenFun.

And once I finally managed to play the game I thought that the graphics couldn't get more realistic than this. I was in awe.

Zolee 07-04-21 20:04

Happy anniversary :D
Would be happier if we could get our hands on the alpha build

NYCL@R@ 07-04-21 20:27

OMg the nostalgia of it all. I remember in 2004 when it was announced on G4TV that a new tomb Raider game was being developed

Chamayoo 07-04-21 21:16

Ooooh happy birthday Legend, my very first TR game. :hug: Very happy time.
... That also means that I'm a fan for 15 years already !

ANoDE 07-04-21 21:25

Happy anniversary!

My very first post on this forum was about the TR: Legend Trailer. I remember I was totally blown away by it.

xdesperado_ 08-04-21 00:14

Wow it's hard to believe that it's been that long. :eek:

I vividly remember being on Easter break, and buying the PS2 version of the game at WHSmith. I was so hyped for Legend, I used to watch the trailers & gameplay footage obsessively on IGN back then.

ATombRaiderFan 08-04-21 07:03

This was the first Tomb Raider game I've found the courage to play all the way through at the time. The characters were great, the plot was compelling and the environments looked stunning.

Happy 15 years to the game that brought us the new Lara, Zip, Alister, Winston and Amanda.

Cat Woman 08-04-21 15:52

Wow...... can’t believe 15 years. This was the first TR game I played on a used xBox that my nephew gave me. Haven’t looked back. :)

Valentino 09-04-21 11:36

It was the TV spot for me - the last 30 seconds of her face staring at the screen with the sunset in the background. My little gay ass was in love. Tranquillised. I've never played a game as much as I have Legend.

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