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Titak 21-05-09 10:21

New Full Installer and TRNG Updater
(Released 20 May 2009)

Full Installer
TRNG Updater
  • Fixed bug in global trigger GT_USED_INVENTORY_ITEM: with some inventory items (like pickups) the trigger was not detected.
  • Added in Trigger Type of NGLE program the Find features to search flipeffects or actions whereby text patterns.
    Remark: you can insert also two or more words divided by spaces and the result will be the first trigger with the description containing both words. Further clicking of the [find] button will find the next occurrence.
  • Added new object Lara's Diary. You can download the sample level named "diary_images.zip" with all source files from the link above. Lara's diary allows you to show to player a book (the diary) with images and infos about your adventure. There are new flipeffect triggers to add new pages to Lara's diary.
  • Added new Script command "Diary=" to set data to have a Lara's diary in inventory to consult.
  • Added new script command WindowsFont= to set type of windows font to use. Currently the Windows fonts are allowed only with diary.
  • Fixed bug about "load camera" black screen. This bug happened when you used flipeffect "Force volumetric fx ... enabled" while the volumetric fx was not enabled in tomb4 settings.
  • Fixed bug in flipeffect: "Weather. Fog. <&>Enable/Disable all fog (distance fog or fog bulbs)", in some circumstances the whole level became dark, while in others nothing happened.
  • Added new feature to show bmp images in game. You can show pop-up image with the game goes on, or overlapped images that place in stand-by the game while they are shown. See sample demo named "Diary_Images.zip" to discover how to use this feature. Remark: read the readme file in paritcular about installation of images and the CONVERTER.exe utility. If you want you can try this level by simply adding the zip file to the TRLevel Manager 2009.
  • Added new script command "Image=" to set data necessary to show image.
  • Fixed bug about HUB levels. For hub level we mean levels linked back to previous levels with finish triggers. In previous version all changes performed with NG effects or actions were lost when Lara returned to the hub level. Now the changes should be preserved. However, the difficulty of this new feature means some testing will be required to ensure it works properly.
  • Fixed bug about invulnerability of Lara. Once Lara got invulnerability when she went to another level while burning.
  • Added to last crash report a memory image file with tomb4 critical memory zones. Now when TRNG has a crash you'll find the usual file "lastCrash#.txt" plus another file with the same name but with the extension ".mem" For example if your crash has the name "Last_Crash43.txt", there will also be created the file: "Last_Crash43.mem" The mem file will have a size of around 1 Mb, and when you report a crash it could be useful to supply also the .mem file.

Titak 04-06-09 19:49

TRNG Updater
(Released 2 June 2009)

TRNG Updater
  • Fixed bug about inventory item to activate Lara's Diary. When you chose the quest1 item the diary was not enabled.
  • Fixed bug in Diary command. In previous version NG_Center refused two Diary commands in same level section. In reality you can have up to 10 different diaries for level.
  • Fixed bug about Fog Bulbs. In previous version the fog bulbs were not visible.
  • Added new Savegame Panel. With new savegame panel you can have an image (screenshot) for each selected savegame to make selecting savegames much easier. You can set also increase the maximum number of savegame slots the old 15 slots up to 100 savegames slots.
  • Added new flipeffect to show statistics screen: "Show Statistics Screen"
  • Fixed bug about flyby sequence 0 in title level. In previous version trng refused to start a flyby sequence numbered "0". Note: this fixing requires verification. Remark: it's necessary to reload the project in NGLE and build a new .tom/.tr4 file to fix that bug.
  • Added for WindowsFont command the WFF_FORCE_FIXED_PITCH flag to force the character with fixed pitch (same width for all characters, i.e. the "W" will have same width as "i") The fixed pitch characters are useful to create well-sorted tables.
  • Enhanced the tool "Get screen Frames". Now you can type Org and Size also in micro units format to see the selected zones on the screen.
  • Fixed bug in Diary. In previous version it was not possible to take a screenshot. Now it's possible using the F3 key.
  • Fixed bug in Diary. When the game was played in windowed mode, the diary continued to receive keyboard input although there was another program working in the foreground.
  • Fixed bug in Diary. When the player kept down a key continuously (like RIGHT) the pages changed too quickly. Now it's necessary to release the key and press it again to move to the next page.
  • Added new Action trigger: "Enemy. Mesh. Set for <#>enmey the (E)transparecy level" With this trigger you can set the level of transparency of some moveables. Also when you set max level of transparency (127, the item will be invisible) the collision of object will be active and it could hurt and kill Lara or be killed by her. Remark: if you set a level of transparency other than 0 (zero it means: no transparency, normal opacity) and Lara kills the moveable, its body will remain with the same transparency but it will lose collision.
  • Added new Condition trigger: "Creature. The <#>creature has the (E)Transparency level". This condition works paired with above action trigger to force transparency level. Remark: for technical reasons in this condition you can't choose all values between 0-127 range but only a selection of them. For this reason it's advisable to set with the action trigger a transparency level of those presents in the condition list if you wish in the future to test the presence of that value.
  • Added new FAN_SET_LARA_PLACE flag for animation command. This flag is necessary when your custom animation tries to move Lara from one place to another, like from water to ground or vice-versa. For example this flag allows Lara to perform an animation from floating on water to a climbing animation. When you use this flag you have to type in Extra field of Animation command a PLACE_ constant to set the place where Lara should be at end of your animation.
  • Added new FAN_RANDOM flag for animation command. With this flag you can force a random animation within a given range of animations. Using this method you can simulate random events also in Lara's animatons. See description of FAN_RANDOM flag in Reference section of NG_Center program.
  • Added in main window of NG_Center the short-cut buttons to launch Wad Merger and StrPix. Just select the path the first time you use this feature and you'll have a quick way to open these two important utilties.

Titak 24-06-09 22:04

TRNG Updater
(Released 23 June 2009)

TRNG Updater
  • Fixed bug about FMV trigger. In previous versions the FMVs had problems on some computers when they were played in full screen mode.
    See also the demo example fmv_video_cutscenes.zip.
  • Added CUST_FMV_CUTSCENE constant, to customize the viewing of FMVs (video cutscenes) in game.
    If you are not satisfacted about the viewing of FMV you should read the documentation about FMV_... constant values and also for the new setting constant SET_SOFT_FULL_SCREEN, to use in Settings= command in [Otpions] section.
    See also the demo example video_fmv_cutscenes.zip.
  • Added new settings constant SET_SOFT_FULL_SCREEN.
    This setting should be used with Settings= script command to place in [Options] section and permits to have a non-exclusive full screen mode.
    It was the "exclusive" mode to get difficultous the playing of FMV in previous version, so now,using the soft full screen mode we solved the problems about playing fmv when player set its tomb4 in full screen mode.
    Remark: if tomb4 had been set as Windowed mode the SET_SOFT_FULL_SCREEN setting will have no effect.
  • Added new global trigger GT_FMV_COMPLETED, to detect when a fmv has been completed.
  • Added in NG_Center the new panel "Media".
    The first new tool in this panel is the [WMV Encoder] Since many people get leak results with encoding FMV from AVI to WMV, I supplied a professional front-end for Microsoft WMV encoder, with some infos about correct settings to get good quality WMV videos.
    Remark: at first execution the NG_Center will download and install byself the Microsoft WMV Encoder program.
  • Added new global trigger GT_TITLE_SCREEN, to detect the current screen showed in title level.
  • Fixed bug in flipeffect "Enemy. Mesh. Set for <#>enmey the (E)transparecy level".In previous version the max value to set was "127" but with that value some moveables (like animating) disappeared forever. Now the max value is "126" and also the condition trigger to test transparency has been changed to check the max value "126".
  • Fixed bug about CUST_LOOK_TRASPARENT setting. In previous version when you disabled the transparency for Lara in looking mode, the game had a crash.
  • Fixed bug in "Weather. Fog. Change Fog distance to <&>Distance in (E)seconds" and "Weather. Fog. Pulse Fog from current to <&>Distance in (E)seconds". In both triggers there was a bug causing the execution of these triggers only first time, while after, for whole level, the triggers didn't work anymore.
  • Fixed bug in trigger: "VolumetricFX. Enable Volumetric FX in current level". In previous version this trigger enabled correctly the fog bulbs but it let fog color in water and other transparent textures.
  • Fixed bug about items signed by fog in inventory. It seems some people had this problem, now I tried another way to remove fog effects from inventory viewing.
  • In NGLE it has been enhanced the error mexage: "EVIL: Unknown object type detected" with a new mexage to inform about the room and case where is this "Unknown object" You can find also the list of unknow objects in log file created using TOMB5log.exe utilty while you'are performing Output Wad with ngle.

Titak 13-07-09 09:01

TRNG Updater
(Released 12 July 2009)

TRNG Updater
  • Fixed bug about CUST_LOOK_TRASPARENT. In previous version ( the status ENABLED/DISABLED was inverted.
  • Fixed bug in FogRange= script command. In reality the bug was in old tomb4 code... The MaxFogDistance (the second parameter) was computed in a wrong way in old tomb4 and with this bug there was no effect on distance fog. Now you can modify this second parameter and get some interesting effects with the density of distance fog. In previous version the second parameter of fog range command was described as the limit for max distance for fog bulbs but now it works to set the limit of fog distance and if you reduce this value (rather than levelfarview) you can have a deep fog. See also the "fogdistancetutorial.zip" file where the FogRange command is explained with many examples and images.
  • Added new flipeffect trigger: "Weather. Fog. Set the <&>Color for Distance Fog" This flipeffect has the same syntax as old flipeffect "Set the RGB color for the fog bulbs to the <&>value", with the difference that, in this case, you can use the new flipeffect to set the color for Distance fog, while the old flipeffect worked only on fog bulbs color. These two flipeffects work always in accordance with volumetric fx enabled or disabled.
  • Added new flipeffect trigger: "Weather. Fog. <&>Enable/Disable Hardware Fog (caution!)" This flipeffect should be used with caution. When you disable the fog via hardware, the distance and volumetric fog will disappear. When volumetric fx is disabled this flip removes the distance fog; when volumetricx fx is enabled, the result is a curious "nightmare" effect with dark colorless scenes.
  • Added new flipeffect trigger: "Weather. Fog. Set <&>Max visibility distance for Fog Bulbs". This flipeffect allows the new max visibility distance for fog bulbs to be set. It's very improbable you need to use this flip, because trng sets by itself this value in worldfarview (or LevelFarView) and this is the most logical value. If you reduce the distance, some fog bulbs very far from Lara will be not shown in game.
  • Added new flipeffect trigger: "Weather. Fog. Set <&>End Fog limit for Distance fog". This flip allows to change in game the same value you can set in EndLimitDistanceFog field of FogRange command. Modifying the End Limit for fog distance you can get a very deep fog. See description of the (updated) FogRange command for more information.
  • Added new flipeffect trigger: "Weather. Fog. Change Start limit of Distance Fog in <&>way with (E)speed". This trigger changes in a dynamic and endless way the Start Fog limit for distance fog.
  • Added diagnostic command: H key. When you hit the H keystroke the diagnostic texts will be Hidden for 3 seconds. This command should be used to catch "cleaned" screenshots also when you have the diagnostic enabled.
  • Added in diagnostic texts some infos about fog distance: start-fog, end-fog limits and current fog color.
  • Added the customize constant CUST_FIX_WATER_FOG_BUG, used to fix the problem of excessive saturation of fog color over transparent textures.
  • Fixed bug. When Lara was in water 2 clicks deep and she had in front of her a wall she could become frozen.
  • Fixed bug. This was a very bad bug. When a trigger was used about a static object placed in a room preceded by some empty rooms (in room list of map project) once the trigger had been performed many errors could occur: game frozen, damage to Lara's ponytail, crashes and other unpredictable behaviors. To fix this bug in your level it's necessary to re-build the .TOM file using the updated version of tomb_nextgeneration.dll ( or higher).
  • Added ENV condition: ENV_ROOM_IS for Animation (or EnvMultCondition) script command. With this condition you can verify if Lara is in the room set in DistanceForEnv field. You can type in DistanceForEnv also some special constants of ROOM_.. type, to verify if lara is in (any) room of some ROOM_ type, like water, quicksand, outside etc.

Titak 19-07-09 09:41

TRNG Updater
(Released 17 July 2009)

TRNG Updater
  • Fixed bug in NGLE. When you loaded an external project (i.e. downloaded from somewhere) ngle signaled the wrong path of tga map and then it allowed you to select immediatly the correct path for tga map, but there was the bug that, after choosing correct tga file, ngle gave a new error: "Arg list too long".
  • Fixed bug about fog distance. On some computers the fog color persisted over the inventory items.
  • Added in NG_Center the icon to launch MetaSequoia program.
  • Fixed bug in NG_Center: in the [Settings] panel, the path of strpix and Wadmerger program were missing.
  • Fixed bug about Teeth Spikes. When you've set zero damage for teeth spikes, Lara lost blood in spite of missing life lost.
  • Introduced EXTRA_ flag constants to use in Extra field of Enemy script command. The values are the same, so the old Enemy commands will continue to work fine, anyway now you can type a mnemonic constant instead of a number to set some special customizing to enemy. See descriptions of EXTRA_ constants in Reference panel of NG_Center.
  • Added new EXTRA_ flag to disable the locust swarm attack from mutant: EXTRA_MUTANT_NO_LOCUSTS.

Titak 06-09-09 11:10

MK1 Full Installer (also updating to TRNG
(Released 27 July 2009)

Mk1 Full Installer
  • MK1 TRNG Full Installer. This is not a simple update but it is a full installer of the finished MK1 version of the TRNG. Version will not be developed as an update except as an update within the MK1 Full Installer to give to all people all the basic files required by future updates of TRNG Tools.
  • Added in [Settings] panel of NG_Center the button [Change Version] to restore previous versions of TRNG tools. This button allows you to use the new Restore System, where you can restore a previous version of trng tools, or even to return to earlier versions. This feature works only from version, the basic version of MK1 TRNG Full Installer. This means you cannot use this feature to come back to versions older than
  • Added in [Media] panel of NG_Center the [Object Manager] tool to find in Image Objects Collection an object whereby object name, level name or object type. The supplied Object Image Collection contains all objects of level editor wads and The Last Revelation tr4 files (989 objects). You can add new objects to the collection if you wish if you have the TRViewer program on your PC.
  • Added in NG_Center the icon of TrViewer program to launch this program with a shortcut.
  • Fixed bug in Action "Perform (E) flipeffect on <#>object" Above action worked simply by performing old flipeffects those, normally, available only from animcommands. When the flipeffect called by above action performed a change of position/visibility of animating object the change was not stored in savegame.
  • Fixed bug in Elevator with Single Door. When an elevator used an animating single door, the position of door was not correctly saved/restored in/from savegame.
  • Fixed bug in Enemy= script command. When you typed in Damage1, Damag2, Damage3 fields (the three last fields of Enemy command) the values IGNORE, the damage resulted as "0" in game. Now the IGNORE means "allow the standard damage for this Enemy".
TRNG Updater
(Released 30 July 2009)

TRNG Updater

  • Fixed bug about incompatibility savegames created by older versions with newer. When a savegame created with an old version is loaded it will be read by a new version and in some circumstances the savegame will be not shown in load/save screen.
  • Added global triggers: GT_ELEVATOR_STOPS_AT_FLOOR and GT_ELEVATOR_STARTS_FROM_FLOOR These two global trigger allow to detect when a given elevator reaches or leaves a specific floor.
  • Fixed bug about hub Levels. When Lara returned to a previously visited level, the settings about fog distance color was lost.
  • Fixed bug about "Arg list too big" message in NGLE. When you loaded an imported project (downloaded from the net, for example) the inner paths for .tga and .wad are uncorrect, and this is obvious. The problem was in the new method applied in version where the immediate request for tga map loading caused an error allowing spaces in path chosen by user. Now the spaces will be filled using short path format, with some "~1" characters in the path, like the old winroomedit did in that situation.
TRNG Updater
(Released 17 Aug 2009)

TRNG Updater

  • Fixed bug about Detector object. When you were in a level with the detector on the screen, and Lara went to
    another level with a finish trigger, the detector remained on the screen despite being missing in this target level.
  • Added in NG_Center, in the [Strings] panel, a language selector to force the language to copy in trle folder and therefore to use in game.
  • Enhanced in NG_Center the check about missing string in language text file when it is other than english.txt In previous versions, ng_center verified the presence only for texts in english.txt, while now it checks for presence of extra ng strings also in other languages when you select another language as "Main Language".
  • Removed the flipeffect "Weather. Fog. <&>Enable/Disable Hardware Fog (onfly for nightmare effects)". Now this flipeffect has only the effect of enabling the hardware fog (but it should be already enabled by default, so it's no longer useful) The reason for this elimination is that the disabling of hardware fog has not the same effect on all computers and it could cause many problems with compatibility with previous dll versions.
  • Fixed bug about incompatibility of savegames. When with versions greater than you loaded a savegame created with version older than the game screen appears almost black.
  • Fixed bug in NGLE. When you performed an [Output Wad] or an [Exit and Play] operation, you risked having a crash. This was a bad bug, and theorically it could happen everytime, however it was more probable when you had a small level with few rooms.
  • Added the PARAM_BIG_NUMBERS value for Parameters script command. With this new command you can store some big numbers to use in trigger type window with flipeffects or actions. The reason for this command is that in the Trigger Type Window it is not possible to type numbers bigger than 255, while using this new method you can use for your trigger some values up to 65535 or $FFFF
  • Created new feature about TRNG Variables. There are too many new triggers for variables to list all here, anyway remember that all triggers (flipeffects, actions and conditions) start always with the description "Variables. ..." About description of TRNG Variables download the trng_variables.zip file where you find a project with some examples and a little html tutorial about advanced usage: trng timer, text placefolders and new skills with modification of critical memory zones.
  • Added new feature about reading/modifing of Critical Memory Zones of trng tomb4 engine, to create by yourself new skills. In trng_variables.zip file you find also the full html documentation about the different critical memory zones, with descriptions for all known fields.
  • Added in [Reference] panel of NG_Center the list "VARIABLE PLACEFOLDERS" with keycodes to add in your strings to show in game the content of trng variables.
  • Added script command DiagnosticType to select what shows in Diagnostic mode on the screen. Since the diagnostic infos have been increased over time and others could be added in the future, it's necessary to be able to choose what shows, otherwise the full diagnostic data might not not fit within your screen space. Remark: if you omit the DiagnosticType command all infos will be shown at the same time but the screen is not able to host all this information because now there are also infos about trng variables.
  • Added new diagnostic mode to perform a debug of script commands: triggerGroup, GlobalTrigger, Organizer and Switch. Using the DGX_LOG_SCRIPT_COMMANDS flag with DiagnosticType, you can have in the log created with Tomb4_log.exe utility (you can find in TRLE\TOOLS) the diagnostic of all script commands performed in game.
  • Added new global triggers GT_BEFORE_SAVING_VARIABLES and GT_AFTER_RELOADING_VARIABLES, to give you the opportunity to save and restore in game some changes in critical memory zones.
  • Added new global trigger GT_ALWAYS to perform continuously a triggergroup, until this global trigger is enabled.
  • Added new global triggers: GT_TRNG_G_TIMER_EQUALS and GT_TRNG_L_TIMER_EQUALS to detect when a trng timer (global or local) reaches the given time.
  • Added new global trigger: GT_KEYPAD_SHOWED and GT_KEYPAD_REMOVED. With these global triggers you can be informed when the keypad with specific item index will be shown or removed from the screen. In this way you can for example show a text during a pop up of KeyPad to inform the player what they could choose with this keypad.
  • Added new script command Switch. The switch permits the performance of a single TriggerGroup from a list of triggergroup IDs, according to the value of some variable. Pratically it permits a conditional multiple performance.
  • Added new flipeffect trigger "Organizer. Resume <&>Organizer in (E)way" With this flipeffect you can resume an organizer you had previously stopped, resuming from last performed command.
  • Added new flipeffect trigger "Enemy. Freeze. Freeze <#>Enemy for (E)Seconds". With this flipeffect you can transform an (already) enabled enemy into a sort of statue for a desired time or forever and then you'll use another flipeffect to unfreeze him applying some effect like "vibration or explosion".
  • Fixed bug about Wild Boar object. This was an old bug of original tomb4: when there was a wild-boar enabled
    and you saved the game and reloaded the wild boar disappeared.
  • Added customize constant CUST_SAVE_LOCUST to fix the old bug about missing of saving/restore operation of locust swarm in savegame. Remark: if you enable the saving of locusts (FISH slot) the only disadvantage is that the savegame will be bigger by about 2000 bytes.
  • Added new env condtions ENV_PLAYER_IS_SLEEPING and ENV_PLAYER_WOKE_UP. You can use these condtions in Animation command to start some nice custom animation when Lara is in stand-by mode, i.e. when the player is not playing for some (given) time.
  • Added new Condition trigger to test the distance from Lara of some moveable: "Lara. Distance. Lara is distant by <#>Moveable less or even than ..."
  • Added new flipeffect "Inventory-Item. Pop up inventory to select the <&>Item in (E)way" With this trigger you can show the inventory with the desired item selected. Remark: this trigger works with many items (used as keys, puzzle, quest, examine, crowbar ect) but not with: weapons, flares, binocular or medipacks.
  • Added new flipeffects to generate random numbers to copy in some variable:
    "Variables. Numeric. Generate in <&>Numeric Variable the (E)random number"
    "Variables. Numeric. Generate in <&>Numeric Variable a random CurrentValue"

Titak 08-09-09 16:15

Mk2 Full Installer and TRNG Updater
(Released 2 September 2009)

Mk2 Full Installer
TRNG Updater

  • Fixed bug in NGLE about message "Error: no selected squares" NGLE gave this message when you clicked on [Ok] button of Trigger Type window and no selected square was present. It was not necessary to give an error message in this situation so it was removed.
  • Fixed bug in NGLE about message "Can't overlap special trigger" NGLE gave this message also when there was no selected square.
  • Added new flag SET_ACCEPT_EXTRA_TAILINFOS for Settings= command of [Option] setting. This setting forces trng engine to accept up to 32767 tail infos in the tr4 files. Also when using this setting the limit for ngle remains as the old limit of 1024 tail infos, therefore the only reason to use this setting is when you use meta2tr to replace the room meshes directly in tr4 file. Since meta2tr increases the number of tail infos you can use this setting to support the new extra tail infos. However, when you use the tr4 created by ng_tom2pc without changing it, this setting is futile and perhaps dangerous because it could create problems when textures are placed in mirror rooms.
  • Added synstax for DiagnosticType script command. In previous version it had been forgotten.
  • Enhanced script debugging mode (DGX_LOG_SCRIPT_COMMANDS) Now in DGX_LOG_SCRIPT_COMMANDS mode (the script debugging) will now show information about Elevator script commands.
  • Fixed bug in NGLE. In previous versions there was a bug in the phase of releasing allocated resources after [Exit and Play] exiting. This bug caused a progressive reduction of Windows Virtual Memory resources everytime the builder exited from NGLE with [Exit and Play] button.
  • Added flipeffects to apply invisible collision to rooms. Using this method you can get Lara to walk over static or moveable items. The flipeffects, all starting "Collision....", allow you to replace the original collision of statics and moveables with the new invisible collision of room, with the result that Lara will be able to walk, climb and monkey these items. Note: These are "fake" triggers. You can't export them in script or anim command because they will be used in building-time and not in run-time.
  • Added Action trigger to disable the collision of moveables. "Collision. Disable the collisions of <#>Moveable".
    This trigger is useful when you want to replace the original collision mode of moveable with your invisble room collisions set with above "Collision.." flipefffects. Remark: also for statics it's necessary to remove their original collision to be used with "Collision. " flipeffect, but in the case of statics you just add the value 4 to their OCB field to disable their collision.
  • Added Action triggers for fine movement. There are new Action triggers to move with more precision a moveable in any direction. While other action triggers allow to translate a moveable setting the distance of movement in clicks, these new triggers allow more precise displacements. To locate these triggers search Remark: also these triggers could be used to help the adding of room collisions to moveables. In fact, in many circumstances the problem is that the moveable is not correctly aligned with the sector grid of the room. Using these action triggers you can move the item to align them exaclty with sector grids so as to get the most realistic collisions.
  • Added new flipeffect: "Collision. Set the <&>Side of closed sector as non-hangable from Lara" This trigger works differently to other "collision" flipeffects. In this way, in fact, there is no real change on collisions but you can use this trigger to simulate a rounded edge where Lara will be not able to hang. Remark: this trigger could cause conflicts if you use it on climb walls. In this case Lara could be able to climb the wall but she will be not be able to perform first hanging despite being far from edge. If you need to handle this situation you should use a CONDITION trigger about distance of Lara from the floor (or from the edge).
  • Added new NEF_ flags for Enemy command: NEF_SET_AS_BRIDGE_FLAT, NEF_SET_AS_BRIDGE_TILT1 and NEF_SET_AS_BRIDGE_TILT2. Adding one of above NEF values in NEF field of Enemy command you can transform an animating item in a bridge item where Lara will be able to walk. For example to transform the animating5 into a bridge_flat item just add this line in your [Level] section:
    See the description of above NEF_ flags in Reference panel of NG_Center.
  • Added new flag for GlobalTrigger command: FGT_HIDE_IN_DEBUG This flag doesn't change the behavior of the globaltrigger in runtime, but it removes the debugging messages in debug mode (DGX_LOG_SCRIPT_COMMANDS
    diagnostic) for this globaltrigger. The reason to use this flag is when you are studying another script command but this global trigger continues to fill the log with many messages of no interest.
  • Added new PANEL objects to create invisible collisions. These new objects use a different collision control to support an height up to 2 sectors (the other moveable failed when the height is higher than 6 clicks) with a compute faster than tradition collision procedure. See the tutorial about the collisions for more information.
  • Fixed bug about moving items. When you moved a door type object, some items in same room or in linked rooms could disappear.

Titak 03-10-09 12:54

TRNG Updater
(Released 29 September 2009)

TRNG Updater
  • Enhanced elevator features. Now the elevators (and raising blocks) are able to move vehicles like jeep and sidecar, even when Lara is not on board.
  • Added new ENV_ conditions:
    Above conditions are very particular since they work in an absolute way, ignoring the current direction Lara is facing. For this reason they should be used only with animations hardcoded for a specific room.
  • Fixed bug of version. In previous version a debugging code that could cause a slowing down in game was not removed.
  • Added new NEF_EASY_HEAVY_ENABLING flag for Enemy script command. Adding this flag the slot set in enemy command will be able to activate all heavy triggers. By default only some moveables enable heavy triggers and for others it's necessary place an AI_ object in target sector where there is the heavy trigger to enable. However, with NEF_EASY_HEAVY_ENABLING flag the enemy will enable all heavy triggers it moves over. For example to give this skill to all crocodiles in a level just add in [level] section this row:
  • Added new TGROUP_USE_EXECUTOR_ITEM_INDEX flag for TriggerGroup command. This flag forces the change of the target item of that action trigger with the moveable that has just enabled this triggergroup in game. With this method you can realize this target: an enemy moves onto some sector with a triggergroup, and he enables it (heavy type mode) and this enemy will be killed (or other action) from the action in triggergroup. In this situation it's not important what enemy will enable the trigger since all will be killed in spite of original setting of exported action trigger. Sse the description of TGROUP_USE_EXECUTOR_ITEM_INDEX flag and also of
  • Added new action triggers to attract enemies in some direction. The series of action triggers begins with "Enemy. (Physics) ..." text. They work in similar way than "Lara. pysics ..." flipeffect triggers.
  • Added new FADD_IGNORE_STATUS flag for AddEffect command. By default the addeffect trigger will abort if the target moveable has not yet been enabled in game or if it has already been killed/removed. In some circumstances this check about its status could be wrong and with some special items the result could be to fail to add effect operations. If you work with some of these special items (like some inventory items) you could add the FADD_IGNORE_STATUS flag. When trng finds this flag it ignores the status of moveable and it will apply always the effect also if the item appears invisible or disabled.
  • Added lights for AddEffect command. Now you can add to some moveable three kinds of light: ADD_LIGHT_FLAT, ADD_LIGHT_BLINK and ADD_LIGHT_SPOT. See description of above ADD_ constants to find more information.
  • Added custom bar constants to be used with Customize=CUST_BAR script command. Now, with the script command Customize=CUST_BAR you can use the bar types: BAR_CUSTOM1, BAR_CUSTOM2, BAR_CUSTOM3 and BAR_CUSTOM4. With these values you can create custom bars to show on screen that work like the air-bar, health-bar etc, but in this case you can use them as you wish to show some custom value of your new skills. Each custom bar is linked with a trng variable you choose and it will show the value in that variable like a progress bar. See description of BAR_CUSTOM1 constant for more information.
  • Added new flipeffects: "Custom Bar. Show the <&>Custom bar on screen for (E)Seconds" and "Custom Bar. Hide the <&>Custom bar" to show or hide your custom bars.
  • Added new customize constant: CUST_LIGHT_OBJECT With the command Customize=CUST_LIGHT_OBJECT you can customize the colors, intensity and frequency of light objects: AMBER_LIGHT, WHITE_LIGHT and
  • BLINKING_LIGHT See the description of CUST_LIGHT_OBJECT constant for more informations.
  • Updated the OCB LIST reference. It has been added a description about new discoveries on OCBs for: AMBER_LIGHT, WHITE_LIGHT, BLINKING_LIGHT, FALLING_BLOCK, TROOP, LIGHTNING_CONDUCTOR, FLAME_EMITTER, FLAME_EMITTER2 and FLAME_EMITTER3.
  • Added new flipeffect: "Flipmap. Alternate continuosly the <&>flipmap with the (E)Frame interval" With this flipeffect you can create a fast continuos swapping between main room and flipped room. The main target of this trigger is to create interesting light effects alternating the lights of main room with that of flipped room. Just change a bit the position or the colours of flipped room lights to have nice effects not achievable in other ways.

Titak 06-10-09 14:43

TRNG Updater
(Released 6 October 2009)

TRNG Updater

  • Fixed bug in NGLE about [Exit and Play] button. In previous two versions, the 'autosave.prj' file had been removed in spite of opposite settings.
  • Added new Condition triggers to compare variables with variables. Added condition triggers to compare the Current Value variable with other common numeric variables: "Variables. CurrentValue is ... than <#>Variable"
  • Enhanced Collision Panel. Now the panels will be never drawn in game. The difference with respect to previous versions is that in previous versions the collision panels were drawn but with transparent textures so as not to be visible; now, in current version, the collision panels will be fully ignored by drawing routines, saving cpu time. Now it's not necessary for collision panels to have transparent textures since only their collision box will be used in game.
  • Added Tight-Rope item. It has been imported from Tomb Raider Chronicles the null mesh item: tight-rope. Lara is able to walk on this rope like an acrobat. See the Chronicles demo project for more information.
  • Added new action triggers to enable/disable a tight-rope item:
    "Trigger. (Tight-Rope) Disable <#>Tight-Rope",
    "Trigger. (Tight-Rope) Enable newly <#>Tight-Rope (previously disabled)" The common triggers don't work fine with tight-rope emitter. See the readme.txt file in Chronicles.zip demo project.
  • Added Laser-head item. It has been imported from Tomb Raider Chronicles the Guardian (laser-head) object.
    The guardian shoots laser rays from his eyes that move continuously to check the zone. To kill him it's necessary to shoot out both eyes. The placing of Guardian object is a bit complicated so consult the Chronicles.zip demo project to learn more about him.
  • Added in OCB LIST of Reference panel some new OCB values for Tight-Rope object.
  • Added Hydra object, imported from Tomb Raider Chronicles. The hydra is named "little dragon" in some unofficial references. The hydra shoots flames or energy balls. It can hit Lara with its beak. Using correct OCB you can use two Hydras in conjunction and change the type of ammo used.
  • Fixed bug about custom bars. In previous version the (further) text for bar name was printed in incorrect positions with some screen resolutions (like 640 x 480 windowed).
  • Increased the number of TriggerGroups, from 100 to 255
  • Added new object: ENEMY_SUB_MARINE. This object comes from TR Chronicles. It tries to hit Lara using a torpedo. You should use it in deep waters because it requires a lot of space to move properly.
  • Added in Object List window of NGLE program the button "Rename". With Rename button you can change the name of slot to have more meaningful names. This change will affect only that project while in other projects or in wadmerger (or other programs) the name of the slots will be the standard names. You can use this feature to give mnemonic names to some items, like "PUZZLE_ITEM_1" renamed as "GOLD_STAR", or ARCHITECTURE3 renamed as BIG_COLUMN etc. Remark: it is suggested you perform a backup of your main projects before trying this new feature since each new feature carries some degree of risk. Some tests have been carried out but there has not been time to do intensive beta-testing.
  • Fixed bug in action trigger: "Effect. Remove from <#>Enemy the (E)AddEffect from script.txt" In previous version the removing "add effect" didn't work.
  • Restyled window of NG_Center program. Now you can resize the NG_Center for working at full screen using the common Windows gadget.

Titak 02-11-09 09:38

TRNG Updater
(Released 2 November 2009)

TRNG Updater

  • Fixed bug in Customize=CUST_WEAPON command
    Almost all customizing performed on crossbow or grenadegun weapon had no effect in previous versions
  • Added the diagnostic type: DGX_WEAPON_ANIMATION You can add in DiagnosticType= command the new constant DGX_WEAPON_ANIMATION to have on screen the infos about animation and state-if of hardcoded management of current weapon animation
    Remark: this diagnostic works only on weapons different than pistols and UZI.
  • Added new critical memory zone: the Inventory Memory zone
    The Inventory Memory permits to change some setting about the viewing of items in the inventory
    It has been updated the Variables TRNG tutorial to add the new descriptions about Inventory Memory.
  • Added new underwater weapon: the Harpoon gun from Tomb Raider 3 You can download the "harpoon.zip" demo level to find the new weapon and a little example about its usage.
  • Added new customize constant CUST_HARPOON , to enable and customize the new harpoon in your levels.
  • Fixed bug in Customize= CUST_INNER_SCREENSHOT script command
    The further flag QSF_TRUE_COLOR (to add to other QSF_ size image) was ignored in previous versions.
  • Added new customize constant CUST_SCREENSHOT_CAPTURE This customize allows you to capture a fast sequence of screenshots
    You can set the durate (in seconds) of the sequence, the interval of capture, and the size and quality of images
    Read the description of CUST_SCREENSHOT_CAPTURE constant for more infos.
  • Added in trng engine a check on current level and configuration to give immediatly an help to the beginners about a possible crash in game
    The check procedure verifies the presence of critical files like: load.bmp, uklogo.pak, title.tr4, script.dat and (some) language.dat Other informations could be found in last_crash file created after a crash
    These infos will be showed in a section named "QUICK DIAGNOSTIC LOG".

    Remark: another news of this check procedure is about levels present in script.dat but missing in data folder like .tr4 file
    In this situation the player will see in New Game screen these missing levels marked with the text "MISSING".
  • Fixed bug in Enemy-Sub Marine
    In previous version, the sub-marine instead emitting bubbles it emitted the "D" letter.
  • Imported new object from Tomb Raider 3: the Frog-man
    This is an underwater enemy that tries to kill lara using an harpoon gun
    You can find it in demo level: harpoon.zip file.
  • Fixed bug in tight-rope object
    In previous version, when lara walked on tight-rope in Very Easy Mode (Negative ocb value), if plyer hit right/left arrows lara hanged.
  • Fixed bug in Action triggers "Enemy. (Physics) ..."
    In previous versions with some moveables the position was not updated in saving/restoring savegame operation.
  • Fixed bug in rain procedure: casted rooms
    In previous versions the rain had problems with casted outside rooms, where the rain didn't reach the bottom room in the zone where it had an hight less than one sector
  • Fixed bug in rain procedure: dead zones
    In previous versions the rain can disappear immediatly in according with the direction where lara was looking.
  • Added customize constant CUST_RAIN
    With the command Customize=CUST_RAIN, ... you can customize the rain with values differents by the pre-set data in NGLE program room for room
    In this command you can set also some flags (FR_..) to enable sound effects for rain, to fix the bug in original code about the sprinklers in some rooms or to add drips to lara after she went under the rain.

    Caution: if you type values too much different than default values you could get crashes or bad working
  • Added new flipeffect triggers to perform swap-mesh operations
    "Lara. (Mesh) Swap Mesh of <&>Extra Lara Slots with that of (E)Slot" "Swap Mesh. Swap mesh of <&>Slot with mesh of (E)Slot"
  • Added new OCBs for JEEP and SIDECAR objects
    By default the beam light is present on the sidecar while it's missing on the jeep
    With these new OCBs you can change these default settings
    See the description for JEEP and SIDECAR in OCB Settings of the Reference panel.
  • Fixed bug in Enemy Sub-Marine object
    In previous version (in some cirucstances) the missile exploded immediatly when it was yet in the sub-marine.

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