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Quasimodo 07-06-08 05:23


thevman 07-06-08 05:30

^^^ Now [b]THAT[/b] looks like my kind of TR!!! :tmb: :yah:

daventry 07-06-08 07:25

I love this Thread :D

Whats the deal with [U]Underpuss[/U], do you guys hate him or does he look to Cute to be a Scary Boss. :p

I never expected this Thread to last 3 Pages of Awsomeness :vlol:

Cog 07-06-08 08:00


touchthesky 07-06-08 08:20

This thread is amazing. Simply amazing. Nothing less.

Cog 07-06-08 08:45


Zelda master 07-06-08 08:54

Lara Croft: Octopussie:p

Ada the Mental 07-06-08 09:02

:vlol: :vlol: :vlol:
Okay. This thread is [I]way[/I] too funny.
Best Underpuses ever:
[QUOTE=Sir Croft;2757613]^ ROFL :vlol:



Trigger_happy 07-06-08 09:50

You all have far too much free time...:D

I think we should campaign to have the underpus made a second playable character.

Rivendell 07-06-08 09:51


[B]WOW![/B] Love it! :tmb:

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