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KC Mraz 26-10-08 19:25

He looks like a dragon. A cute, cute dragon :) xD

william croft 26-10-08 19:27

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="2"][QUOTE=KC Mraz;3152741]He looks like a dragon. A cute, cute dragon :) xD[/QUOTE]
Well sort of, looks like anything except Underpuss :p Fair attempt though, considering its the Mobile.[/SIZE][/FONT]

Portugalraider 26-10-08 19:29

[QUOTE=william croft;3151570]

his eyes... look at his EYES........

i will not spleep today!

Edit: and why lara's shadow looks like a hole?

ColdCaseDetK 26-10-08 19:35

[QUOTE=william croft;3151570][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Okay folks, what I'm about to show you could be damaging to certain eyes, once you've seen it, you can't un-see it .... Scroll down when you are prepared.


:yik: :p[/FONT][/QUOTE]
lol, that Underpud is even scarier than the next gen one. haha. :D

TombRaiderBabb 26-10-08 20:51



ColdCaseDetK 26-10-08 21:06


Oh goodness lol. :)

young Lara Croft 26-10-08 21:30

I want one too!
Underpus never looked so good until now! :tmb:

Heckler 26-10-08 23:38

GGRRRRR....Bacon Lara!


ColdCaseDetK 27-10-08 02:44

[QUOTE=Heckler;3153608]GGRRRRR....Bacon Lara!

That's just plain nasty lol :D

Zelda master 27-10-08 09:20

[QUOTE=Heckler;3153608]GGRRRRR....Bacon Lara![/QUOTE]

Thats plain nasty:p

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