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young Lara Croft 28-10-08 21:19

Wow Tampi your entry is amazing!

TRfan23 29-10-08 22:01

I bet you soon, when we see the death of Underpus in the game. People'll start print screening pics of that, then modify them!? ;)

As opposed to him alive!

Sharon_14 30-10-08 05:42

Its a part of the puzzle, [COLOR="White"]he will be crashed by bunch of spikes as Lara pull a lever...[/COLOR] but he will always live in our heart...

Xero 30-10-08 06:43

Every single day I visit this thread. Man my face hurts lol.

KC Mraz 30-10-08 07:43


LMAO :vlol:

CrisGer 30-10-08 23:23

that thing is ugly!

Chocola teapot 02-11-08 18:01


OMG its absolutely amazing!!! :vlol:

H4RR7H 02-11-08 22:17

Is this thread still appropriate as a sticky? It's getting a little crammed in the TRU forums :o

KC Mraz 03-11-08 08:22

I found out that Underpus appears in the Re\Visioned Tomb Raider animated series! :D


I know, that's pink and is not on the Med (it's on [I]Lusitania, [/I]if it's the real area it's very close to the Mediterranean sea anyway. On present Portugal). But could easily be at least a familiar! :3
It's on the episode 9 'Raising Thaumopolis' btw

Henpen 03-11-08 16:47

Underpuss attacks small socttish island!


And again!!!

I have way to much time...:D

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