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tampi 03-11-08 16:52

^^It seems that he wants to get some shoes :D
Good fan art-work!:tmb::tmb:

Lara-Ferguson 03-11-08 16:58

[QUOTE=young Lara Croft;3044198][IMG]http://i34.************/2d8mcmb.jpg[/IMG]

I wish he was! :p

Here's the [URL=""]DA version[/URL] without the text!!!!!!!!!!![/QUOTE]

Haha thats GREAT! :D it would be more interestiing if underpus would play davy jones xD

xMiSsCrOfTx 04-11-08 00:23

Lmao @ Casapus. Nice one, tampi! :vlol:

dragoness_crysta 05-11-08 17:29

This beasty here gives me the creeps...

ivannnnn 07-11-08 07:23

LOL :vlol:

tampi is great!!! :):)

MattTR 08-11-08 19:41

Say WOOT for the new Underpus render! :D


Bigger version [url=]here[/url]. :tmb:

Sharon_14 09-11-08 11:34

He looks too hawt!!

Legend of Lara 09-11-08 11:57

[QUOTE=KC Mraz;3180811]I found out that Underpus appears in the Re\Visioned Tomb Raider animated series! :D


I know, that's pink and is not on the Med (it's on [I]Lusitania, [/I]if it's the real area it's very close to the Mediterranean sea anyway. On present Portugal). But could easily be at least a familiar! :3
[B]It's on the episode 9 'Raising Thaumopolis' btw[/B][/QUOTE]

Wrong. It's from episode 10, A Complicated Woman. ;)

tampi 09-11-08 12:09


young Lara Croft 09-11-08 15:40


Awesome! he fits the part ! :tmb:

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