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Tombraine 07-06-08 23:56



All I can think about when seeing this pic is the One-Winged Angel lyrics being changed to:


Rivendell 07-06-08 23:59

[QUOTE=Mr.Burns;2760828][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=3][COLOR=SlateGray][I]ROFL!!

Anyway you could make that into a wallpaper? :D[/I][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/QUOTE]

Here's a 1024x768 copy without the fonts since I only saved the psd before adding them.



daventry 08-06-08 00:00

[quote=Zebra;2760590]Underpus-Lara 1.0:
[/quote]I love this one.

Let's spam Keir's PM-Box about it so that he informs Crystal how much we love the Underpus and that we want it as an unlockable Outfit :p.

Just joking. But we could really ask Keir to tell them about it (if they don't notice it theirselves) :D.[/quote]I did and chose that one, lets see whatKeir says. :o

Zebra 08-06-08 00:02

[QUOTE=daventry;2760841]I love this one.[/QUOTE]

Thanks! I somehow prefer the other one.
I guess he'll say that he'll 'see what he can do'.

Mr.Burns 08-06-08 00:03

[quote=Rivendell;2760839]Here's a 1024x768 copy without the fonts since I only saved the psd before adding them.



[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=3][COLOR=SlateGray][I]Sweet!

*saves as wallpaper* :D

Danke :tmb:

ECB 08-06-08 01:54

[QUOTE=touchthesky;2757180]It's too cute to kill![/QUOTE]

That's what my parents said when I was a baby...

Totally Kidding. :p

black_sheepa 08-06-08 10:23


Sorry, but I don't get that Pus? :p

Rivendell 08-06-08 11:27

Not a player of FF7? :p

Sephiroth in the flames is an iconic image, and I thought I'd parody it with the 'pus :D


lita212 08-06-08 11:47

it maybe obviouse how to kill it but its definatly not gonna be easy. it will probs grab us and throw us about with its tenticles

black_sheepa 08-06-08 12:05

Thanks Riv, got it now. I haven't played any FF, because I don't like this Japanese myth things with angels and stuff. :)

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