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Domino 08-06-08 12:10

Oh my god, these pictures rule. I especially love Zebra's Underpus-Lara.

Cog 08-06-08 12:32

[QUOTE=lita212]it will probs grab us and throw us about with its testicles[/QUOTE]
Fixed. It takes only one letter to make the game ten times scarier.

Rexie 08-06-08 12:37

[QUOTE=Rivendell;2761598]Not a player of FF7? :p

Sephiroth in the flames is an iconic image, and I thought I'd parody it with the 'pus :D


that scene with that music always freaked me out...

jagged halo 08-06-08 12:59

Great pictures, everyone :p


kryptonite23 08-06-08 13:04

[QUOTE=touchthesky;2757180]It's too cute to kill![/QUOTE]

[I][COLOR="Red"]I agree :D

I will have a nice time killing it :D[/COLOR][/I]

Rexie 08-06-08 13:24

suprised no one did this:


Atlantisfreak666 08-06-08 13:44

Best thread ever!

VonCroy360 08-06-08 13:52

Any chance these are getting posted on

Love them all. :vlol: :D

kryptonite23 08-06-08 13:55

[I][COLOR="Red"]I just saw all the pics :D
Lol :vlol:[/COLOR][/I]

lita212 08-06-08 13:55

[QUOTE=Cog;2761776]Fixed. It takes only one letter to make the game ten times scarier.[/QUOTE]

why did u quote me with a quote i never wrote?

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