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Zebra 08-06-08 18:24

[QUOTE=Sir Croft;2762551]:vlol: :vlol:

Maybe Justin could add this as a sub-category in the Fan Art Section in, "The Almighty Underpus". :D[/QUOTE]

That would be Underpussily-Great :D!

b0bb13 08-06-08 18:42

:vlol:Great job everyone!:tmb:

[QUOTE=Rivendell;2762636]Underpus's real name is Clive.
Crystal Dynamics just told me, so Clive it is. Say hello to Clive, everyone.



Rivendell 08-06-08 18:42

Lmao! :vlol: Brilliant!

remote91 08-06-08 18:56

Lmfao. I love this thread!

Rivendell 08-06-08 19:01

Underpus tries to appeal to children too!


jagged halo 08-06-08 19:02

Now that movie I would see!

Kerrigan 08-06-08 19:09

To children and the prince.He looks intrigued.:D

Voni 08-06-08 19:18

I don't have Photoshop, so I've tried a edit :D.


remote91 08-06-08 19:20


They keep getting better :D

JACOBryanBURNS 08-06-08 19:21

:vlol:, omg voni! lmao!

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