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Lara-Ferguson 12-06-08 19:24



I LOVE THIS! :jmp:
haha simply great

Encore 12-06-08 19:37

[SIZE="5"]The Underpus Is Out There [/SIZE]



Lara-Ferguson 12-06-08 19:59

LoL xD
here is another one from me

daventry 12-06-08 20:11

Underpus goes Prime Evil

Blackmoor 12-06-08 23:23

[QUOTE=Encore;2773282][SIZE="5"]The Underpus Is Out There [/SIZE]


:pi:[/QUOTE]I love this one! This ought to be made into T-shirts and worn so that fellow TRF fans can secretly recognise each other.

Bumio 12-06-08 23:26


good one :D

well i couldnt resist :pi:


Rivendell 12-06-08 23:27

:vlol: Great new ones! Loving the X-Files one!

Real Life Raider 12-06-08 23:54

[QUOTE=Encore;2773282][SIZE="5"]The Underpus Is Out There [/SIZE]



This would actually make a good teaser poster :D although I agree with Blackmoor's T.Shirt idea!

Bumio! Tom and Underpus really did make me LOL!

Evan C. 13-06-08 00:12

Haha omg this is just amazing.

Encore 13-06-08 00:19

There totally should be an Underpus t shirt!!! :vlol: Like Blackmoor says it would set us all apart... We're the ultimate TRU nerds :whi:

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