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dizzydoil 15-06-08 00:37

Zip? :mis:

UNDERPUS RULESS! :cln: -- Awesome pictures, I hate this thread now, makes me happy. :p

Aurelien52 15-06-08 01:16


Now you know how Underpus came to the casting of Underworld...
He tried to kill the Eidos Crew :mis:

Dia2blo 15-06-08 01:17

[QUOTE=Catlantean;2779081]I think I already know who is going to be my fav Underworld character :D


lol great one!! love the comic style :p

Angelus 15-06-08 09:33

[QUOTE=Alex Fly;2777971]Well, all I can say is that I'm totally pus of this thread !! [IMG][/IMG][/QUOTE]

Add two more letters and we're in a completely different topic altogether...

Alex Fly 15-06-08 09:37

Lol at your latest creations, guys ! :tmb: :D

[QUOTE=Angelus;2779992]Add two more letters and we're in a completely different topic altogether...[/QUOTE]
Lmao !! :vlol:

badboy70 15-06-08 13:54


[URL=""]*Full size[/URL]

Alex Fly 15-06-08 15:23

^ Aww... Poor Kurtis... :p

Rivendell 15-06-08 15:53


Angelus 15-06-08 15:59

Underpus - 1
SPAM - 0


The1andOnlyTR 15-06-08 15:59

[FONT="Century Gothic"][CENTER][SIZE="4"]I decided to join the fun!! I know its not very good but I figured it was good enough to post!!!

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