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Big Lara Fan 16-06-08 10:59

Mmk, yeah, Wikipedia is the most stupid site in the history of the internet. The admins are sooooo freaking stuck up there! I added an Underpus section (after my whole article dedicated to him got to deleted and I was spammed by the admins the first time around) to the TRU article, and moments later it was deleted cause I was vandilizing!? Seriously, wth.

And also, they think Underpus is inappropriate, LOL. They have countless articles on Sex and Dildos and all that stuff, like I told them, sure Sex is a natural thing and stuff, but is it [I]Really[/I] appropriate to have a full page article about it on a [I]Public[/I] site? I don't think so, especially when kids and stuff can see it. If the admins there are so stupid enough not to even see the cross over between [B]Under[/B]world and octo[B]pus[/B], then may God summon a shovel that smacks me in the face several times. :hea:

So my final word: Someone else try it, I give up. But be warned, unless you "Perfect" the article before you submit it, it [I]will [/I]get deleted and you will be spammed a [I]lot[/I] by the admins.

Encore 16-06-08 13:13

^ woah :eek: That's pathetic..

Angelus 16-06-08 14:44

[QUOTE=Dingaling;2782001][URL=]Underpus Acolytes[/URL]


D'you wish me to start a thread in the Fan part of the forum as well?[/QUOTE]


na_th_an 16-06-08 15:27

The underpus article didn't do any harm, I wouldn't have removed it. But I understand them: without such an strict "publishing policy" they wouldn't be trusted at all. After all, the underpus stuff is fan-act, so, sadly, it doesn't make sense in the Wikipedia.

_ush2_ 16-06-08 19:24

[QUOTE=touchthesky;2757189]The "root" things remind me of little arms. Want to use them to cuddle me.

I always thought Torso was the cutest thing evr as well.[/QUOTE]

why are monsters cute to u?????:confused::confused:

touchthesky 16-06-08 19:46

[QUOTE=_ush2_;2784029]why are monsters cute to u?????:confused::confused:[/QUOTE]
Oh come on. You can't tell me you don't see the cuteness in Torso and Underpuss? Gorgeous things they are.

and I joined the Bebo group aah

Pipolinne 16-06-08 19:57

[FONT="Century Gothic"]Dingaling,what a fluffy and cute thing :D!

Oh my,Underpus is anguished,due to all our sarcasm :vlol:![/FONT]

Bumio 16-06-08 20:23

[QUOTE=touchthesky;2784108]Oh come on. You can't tell me you don't see the cuteness in Torso and Underpuss? Gorgeous things they are.

and I joined the Bebo group aah[/QUOTE]

indeed. Underpus is so cute :p

Atlantisfreak666 16-06-08 20:54

I joined the Bebo band.

]{eith 16-06-08 21:07

[QUOTE=john_york;2781129]Underpus is most definitely not bovvered.


I ****ing love it! :vlol:

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