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nomedo 18-06-08 13:09

i know who the underpus really is!!!! :mis:


Alex Fly 18-06-08 13:12

^ LMAO ! Nice one ! :D

just*raidin*tomb 18-06-08 13:25

[QUOTE=nomedo;2789892]i know who the underpus really is!!!! :mis:


So he's the source of these WL business.... LOVE IT! :D

Encore 18-06-08 14:12

[QUOTE=Ward Dragon;2788838]I thought Krakens were exclusively squid. I mean, I know the magazines have called it a Kraken, but it's clearly an octopus rather than a squid :confused: Anyhow, the Indiana Jones game is the only thing I can think of off-hand which has a giant octopus rather than a giant squid :p[/QUOTE]

I don't think Krakens are exclusively squids.. I mean, of course people say the legend of Kraken started from sightings of giant squids, and in 20.000 Leagues Under The Sea (mentioned by vman) it's clearly a squid too.
BUT, most of the times when you see a depiction of a Kraken, it's clearly a giant octopus..

Check out [url][/url] and see the images.

[quote]Since the late 18th century, kraken have been depicted in a number of ways, primarily as large octopus-like creatures[/quote]

CroftScionGuard 18-06-08 14:21

[quote=nomedo;2789892]i know who the underpus really is!!!! :mis:

Good one. Now I know the one I have to aim my sarcasm, though I never thought they have tentacles :whi:

xXhayleyroxXx 18-06-08 14:25

i added the underpuss on bebo :ton:
the comment and love is from me :)


Doby 18-06-08 14:47

Underpus vs. Giant Sea Serpent from Legend? :confused:

xXhayleyroxXx 18-06-08 14:49

^^ now that would be cool :)

larasflan 18-06-08 15:14

[QUOTE=Blue_light;2787305][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]OMG This thread is just hilarious :vlol:

Welcome larasflan :wve:, but I'm afraid I can't see your pic :([/COLOR][/QUOTE]

Oh thanks for the welcome! Hopefully i,ll get the picture to come up!

larasflan 18-06-08 15:44

super princess pus
Hey, Its super princess pus! [IMG][/IMG]
If you cant see the image then click this link! :D [url][/url]

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