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Alex Fly 19-06-08 09:49

Lmao guys, you rock ! :D

kryptonite23 19-06-08 10:31

[B][I][COLOR="Blue"]LOL!! :vlol:[/COLOR][/I][/B]

thevman 19-06-08 14:47


[CENTER][Font= "Comic Sans"][SIZE="7"]Clue[/FONT][/SIZE]


Mr. Underpus, with the candle stick, in the bedroom! :eek: :vlol:

tampi 19-06-08 15:39

[QUOTE=amiro1989;2791772]That's somehow insulting... :confused:[/QUOTE]


Maddiegirl 19-06-08 15:45

That's what I thought as well, though I realize it was just in fun.

Explorer 19-06-08 16:21

This Underpus seems to have become somewhat of an icon!

themanthelegend 19-06-08 17:57

here's my contribution :D


drawn though. I got the veiny idea from the mist, the adaptation of the stephen king short story :p

hope you guys like it! not as good as some of the guys on here mind! (and thats not me compliment seeking lol, i just do it for fun.)

Alex Fly 19-06-08 18:11

Wow, this is really a nice drawing ! :)

themanthelegend 19-06-08 18:29

Thanks :D

nomedo 19-06-08 20:03

Now i have a continuation in [B]Underworld:the White-Ledge-Paint-Opus Chronicles[/B]

[B]1. Introducing WLPO[/B]

[B]2. The mind of an Underpus[/B]


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