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RalKram 22-06-08 03:40

Hilarity Prevails.
Single most entertaining thread...perhaps ever. Simple. To the point. But true in the end. Greatness. If you can't see the funny side of this you were born with a black heart. I think the funniest bit for me was ..."discuss". Lmao...

...and Cog, if it was you that christened it "Underpus" in the first place, then bloody well done. Hat's off to ya :) Hilarity prevails.

Sir Croft 22-06-08 04:00


LMAO :vlol:

kryptonite23 22-06-08 09:47


[B][I][COLOR="Blue"]Nice one :vlol:[/COLOR][/I][/B]

john_york 22-06-08 16:59

Service with a smile...


dcw123 22-06-08 17:49

Heres a quick one....LOL

stereopathic 22-06-08 17:53

[QUOTE=john_york;2803721]Service with a smile...


hahaha! f-ing brilliant.

Alex Fly 22-06-08 18:40

Lmao ! Nice new ones ! :D

KC Mraz 22-06-08 19:15

[quote=john_york;2803721]Service with a smile...


PUS? :vlol::vlol:

Wana b like Lara 22-06-08 19:46

Hahah! :vlol:


Encore 22-06-08 23:06

[QUOTE=john_york;2803721]Service with a smile...


ahahahahah :vlol: that's friggin brilliant!!!

... and look, underpus is an official worldwide olympic partner :D

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