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Flame 03-07-08 18:06

Haha! Amazing :tmb:

Pipolinne 03-07-08 18:19

[FONT="Century Gothic"][COLOR="Purple"]This thread is just so full of creativity...Underpus Kong it's just so adequate :D![/COLOR][/FONT]

Sir Croft 03-07-08 20:44



It's [B]Quake[/B]puss! :eek:

CalCooChi 03-07-08 21:30

cool. I've just been replaying Quake II recently aswell, about halfway through the game now. How awesome it is.

Rivendell 03-07-08 22:02

Hehe, Quakepus! Nice eyes for spotting that! :tmb:


Christi 03-07-08 22:03

LOL!!! (That quakepus was a great find. I love Quake!)

Sir Croft 03-07-08 22:05

[QUOTE=Rivendell;2835212]Hehe, Quakepus! Nice eyes for spotting that! :tmb:


ROFL :vlol:

dcw123 03-07-08 22:34

Heres a modified version of the movie I can't wait to come out.. Scary Movie 5:D
It has been confirmed to be out in october!;) For the fil, they edited the movie posters that they were spoofing.. such as Snakes on a plane and Silent Hill:o

Heres the films spoof of 'The Decent'... oh no Cindy, look out for Underpussy:p

And heres a mod of the cover... [B]see if you can list the movies spoofed[/B]..

Looks like Underpussy likes the cinemas too:p

Quasimodo 03-07-08 23:34

[QUOTE=Kiss-Bite;2834403][B]I give you King Underpus Kong! The 8th wonder of the world!:[/B]D[/IMG][/QUOTE]

This image is full of WIN!

Big Lara Fan 04-07-08 03:53

[quote=Rivendell;2835212]Hehe, Quakepus! Nice eyes for spotting that! :tmb:


This made me LOL!! :vlol:

Great work, Riv! :tmb:

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