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UroshUchiha 18-11-21 19:12

They just announced that the game was released to Austria, Poland and Russia in Early Access.

jackali 19-11-21 12:06

I can't get the update, and after looking on here that's probably for the best.

It's a pity as I was hoping to give the new level a try. Oh well.

charmedangelin 20-11-21 10:38

[QUOTE=jackali;8331737]I can't get the update, and after looking on here that's probably for the best.

It's a pity as I was hoping to give the new level a try. Oh well.[/QUOTE]

Are you on Android 12 by any chance?

jackali 20-11-21 15:23

Yes, I am.

charmedangelin 20-11-21 19:58

[QUOTE=jackali;8331894]Yes, I am.[/QUOTE]

I'm having the same issue as well as another person in the discord. Seems something with the latest update doesn't work right with Android 12.

jackali 20-11-21 20:30

Probably for the best, given the issues UroshiUchiha mentioned.

Mikky 21-11-21 15:51

I updated the game, and as I sometimes do now, I cleared the game's data and cache, knowing that my save was backed up on Google. The thing is, signing into Google in the game simply doesn't work now - I go to the settings, click "sign in" and it just reboots back into the title screen with no changes.

It could just be a bug and I'll have to wait for a fix but I am kinda worried I've lost my progress permanently. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

charmedangelin 21-11-21 17:14

[QUOTE=jackali;8331946]Probably for the best, given the issues UroshiUchiha mentioned.[/QUOTE]

True, I know Ed said they would work on the difficulty at some point, but I'm honestly not sure how much they're willing to tweak with it. It's obvious they want you to spend money on gems and crates and a bunch of other micro transactions since the game is free and if they made the game fair a lot of people probably wouldn't purchase as much stuff as they believe people will with the insane difficulty of the game.

I honestly won't hold my breath that much of what we've seen will really be overhauled like some of us would like it to be.

UroshUchiha 21-11-21 19:01

I don't particularly have a problem with a free game being difficult unless you grind or spend some real world coin.
My problem with this game is that I did the grind, 180 hours of grind. My gear and items are fantastic, sure I can get upgraded some more but I am reaching that max ceiling of upgrades. No matter how much I upgrade my gear, relics and item rarity these enemies are like bullet sponges regardless.

Even if I bought the remaining things I required to absolutely max out everything I still doubt I'd be able to finish the currently last stage without breaking a sweat.

jackali 24-11-21 08:01

Game won't let me run it without updating now, but update is still broken on Android 12.

Guess I'm going to lose my progress on the daily dash and the daily rewards.

Really wish they'd let us keep going on the older version until the update actually works.

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